Anyone booking time off from work for Evolve?


I rarely book days off from work, but I’m saving them up to play in the Alpha and on official release.

Anyone with me? =D


I’m not booking time off, but I am switching my day off from Thursday to Saturday :slight_smile:


I’m taking a week off at release :wink:


I have some days off. Doing a one day trip saturday. so i took a day off friday because in this week I will be coming home very late. An then i got days off the other week.


The only down side is that it’s Halloween. I’m moving a lot of things we wanted to do so that I can do ‘some’ trick or treating with my spawn child :slight_smile:



But not only for the sake of Evolve (still major candidate) but also because of comic con that is coincidentally the same days as the Big Alpha here in Sweden :slight_smile:

I would otherwise work that weekend.


While not explicitly booking time I will be working extra hours in the coming weeks to make sure I have as much time as I can reasonably manage. :smiley:


We are a group of 5 good friends and will not only take time off, but also do a Lan-Party =D Will be super awesome!


I already told my girlfriend i will not be able on 31-2 and same to my classmate despite we have 2 college tasks xD



Just kidding.

But I would if I didn’t work here :stuck_out_tongue:


I took Friday off :smile:


I took the alpha weekend off I’m gonna enjoy it while it lasts and i still have a bit of homework to do unfortunately I’m busy busy busy, no mercy from my professors i guess :stuck_out_tongue: