Anyone been able to buy a skin pack?


I want to get the savior pack for dem red/white goodness but everytime I try to buy the pack it just opens the steam store page. If I choose one of the individual ones it lets me buy that but not the packs


What do you mean by red/white goodness? Can you see the guns?


Probably going to put the packs on steam but haven’t yet I guess?

Weird, mostly they make in game stores not for convenience, but because it gets them out of the steam ToS for deals, and they can control their own store discounts without steam interference…


Yea it shows a preview of the gear


OMG please please take a screen for me!


ok bear with me




It wouldnt let me screen cap it for some reason


That is some red white goodness alright!!! I will be buying those.


Thank you though! You are awesome for trying!


Still wont let me buy the pack though. It just opens a steam page wheras if you go to buy individually it gives you the option to buy it in a little steam window but the pack just goes to the steam store page : /


Yeah I’'m having the same problem. I would rather just buy the packs but wont load them


Dayum those skins are… sexy, for lack of a more appropriate word.


Bump, having the same issue. Would love to drop another 15-20 bucks as soon as this is working.


Well I got bored of waiting so just bought Caira’s seperatley.


The UK doesn’t appear to have ANY of the skins DLC’s on Steam. They show in the Evolve in-game store, but clicking to buy them takes you to the Steam frontpage. Looking on Evolve’s store page, only the Hunter’s Season Pass is shown as DLC.


Same thing here in Finland. :confused:


Not sure who to summon for this one. @Plaff ? @MacMan ?