Anymore behemoth info?


I was just curious.I was thinking it was odd they haven’t released anymore info on behemoth and I know its still in the works and all,but what if they aren’t?what if they wont tell us anymore on it until AFTER the game has been released and people have seen it?


I’d rather them work on releasing a polished game then work on DLC content tbh. Information will come when it comes.


unfortunately we don’t know anything other than its name and a picture of its silhouette. I can’t wait to get more info on it though.


Has it been somehow confirmed that the next monster is to be called Behemoth? I didn’t get to see the silhouette too…


There are 2 places to see the silhouette. The one is at the end of the Wraith reveal trailer. The other is a size comparison chart between Goliath and 4th monster. There was a poll where Behemoth was winning before it ended and so most people believe it will be named Behemoth. However, oddly enough, there has been no confirmation most likely because they will announce the name along with some sort of sneak peak (In my opinion) down the road.


I’m pretty sure they might just call him Behemoth in the long run. No reason not to.


If it ends up being a small fragile creature who is agile, they might not call it Behemoth.


Let’s be real here: We’ve seen the silhouette of the monster. He’s bigger than ANY of the other monsters. I HIGHLY doubt they are going to scrap the entire concept in spite of not calling the monster Behemoth.

He’s most likely going to be a sluggish tank as his role; as is being discussed for more information on these forums.


Ah yes, I see! You’re right, there’s a big silhouette!


@MacMan actually did say Behemoth won.


Sweet, must have missed that then :slight_smile:


What I’m curious about is what stage is the silhouette showing us? I kinda wish there was more info on him before we were allowed to vote on the name.


The fact we know nothing about it adds to the fun ^^


Spoilers. Its Stage 3 and Goliath is Stage 1 :smiley: Marketing!!!


I’m not wanting a lot of information, maybe just some skin texture.


That is too much information, an ability however, or his traversal, thats another story.


I’m not asking much, just a book explaining how the monsters communicate, and what each different roar during gameplay means :slight_smile:


Oh cmon we already know that, rawrawr = kill pests

rawrararara = tea time



But… there’s no hunter named Rekt? Also who is the monster saying that to?


Thats the victory roar from winnin, and thats the ones ive been able to decode, i do not know why they use a tea-time roar.