Anybody still play evolve on Xbox


I used to play this game a lot and would like to get a team together who like playing this game daily. Msg me on Xbox and add me if u guys are down gamer tag is Av CrAzy BOii


Yeah i’m always down to play evolve.


I’d say since the server shutdown the PC playerbase is currently the highest (I’m assuming). I don’t play console so I can’t say for sure, but I never see any consoler’s stream (on twitch) like they used too. I just figured they pretty much all up and quit when they lost there ranked mode.


It wasn’t ranked mode that drove me off, cough Kelder cough.


If your playing with a solid group of experienced players they shouldn’t be playing Kelder anyways.


Nuts to that, I’ll play the monsters I want to play. :elderkraken: