Anybody remember when Skyrim came out?


Evolve gets sooooooo much heat over the bugs, and the glitches. They are very frustrating, especially when somebody falls through the map causing you to lose a game. But I don’t think anybody, ANYBODY, can name a game that didn’t have bugs, except maybe PACMAN. And there’s countless hilarious video game bugs that people get enjoyment out of, because they’re funny. When Skyrim came out, I bought it day one, and ooooh THOSE bugs were BAAAAD

I remember one side quest in particular, where you had to climb a mountain and slay a dragon. Upon getting to the summit of the mountain though, the dragon would just be flying around, backwards. Yes, tail first!!! Super sporadically, there was no firing an arrow at this dragon doing backwards flips in the air, and it wouldn’t land, rendering the quest impossible until they fixed the crazy dragon.

If a giant hit you, you flew 2,000 feet in the air and spun around. You could get stuck behind rocks, fall through the ground anywhere. If you froze a troll, and it fell off a cliff, it would literally just spaz out, and fly off spinning in circles. And yet, all of these glitches wouldn’t upset me. I would laugh, and have a blast with the derpyness of it all.

What I’ve gleamed from that, is simply people want this game to be flawless, because it’s competitive. It’s so simple, and understandable that when your trying hard to win against another person, and a glitch causes the game to swing drastically in their favor, it’s going to cause much different feelings than if your playing a single player game and you experience glitches. It still doesn’t change the fact that any huge video game will have bugs, there’s no way they can possibly test every tiny scenario for the most unlikely outcomes. It seems more fair that a company acknowledges those problems, and promises to work on them and buff them out in the future, like Turtle Rock has done. That’s all we can hope for as a community, and we should be grateful for their support.


There is also the fact that skyrim was absolutely huge and people expected some level of glitches to be in the game and that for PC mods would come out and fix some of the problems and console commands.


Ahh glitches. The problem with this game, compared to Skyrim, is that it is a multiplayer competitive game where simple mistakes can lose the entire game. If a bug causes this, that can be very annoying.

In Skyrim, its a singleplayer game that allows you to reload your mistakes, making it not that big of a deal if a bug causes you to die or glitch out.

But the funniest bug I have to say I have come across is the bug in the beginning of Fall Out: New Vegas, where Doc I-forget-his-name’s head just starts spinning around. As if he wasn’t creepy enough already :stuck_out_tongue:.


That is basically the point of my thread, that the competitive multiplayer gameplay makes glitches shine more as game breaking issues, than as bugs that will eventually be ironed out. Yes they’re aggravating, but they are being worked on, and that’s enough for me. :smiley:

I haven’t played New Vegas yet!!! I liked Fall Out 3 a lot, Skyrim was always my favorite Bethesda game though. I’ll probably play New Vegas if they announce Fallout 4, It’s been on my list of games to play for awhile, same as Oblivion.


Yeah, at least people are trying, and that is what always matters.

But seriously, search the glitch on YouTube. Its hilarious


I just did, that’s ridiculous. XD