Anybody prefer no T6?


I don’t know if I’m the only person who thought this but, I honestly feel like evolve would be better off without a tier 6.That may sound insane but I think it would just be nice if we focused a bit more on new maps and adaptations rather then new characters, because with t5 nearly done with the character lineup feels done to me, anyone else have thoughts?


I don’t really care. I love Evolve just the way it is.


Well there are no plans for t6 at the moment. They are focusing on t2 and t3 adaptations now as well as their regular bug and balance fixes. If the community really wants t6 then the possibility is still out there.

I think the more characters the better, but that’s just my opinion. :smile:


I want loads of more adaptions, and then a tier six down the road. But I want them to focus on adaptions for awhile.


Exactly what they said. I like the game how it is. Would I take more content? Yes. Does it matter? No. The more the better at this point though, as long as there’s not strain on development.


I know theirs no plans for, it’s just with the amount of support evolve is getting with it’s small but growing player base I wouldn’t be surprised if it were announced, TRS has a big heart for such a small bunch :slightly_smiling:


That’s why we love them so much. :slightly_smiling:


Let the tiers never die


I’d love to see new hunters, just because I love the designs and personalities TRS comes up with. However, I feel like with each tier things just get so much more frustrating as a monster. For hunters it feels like things get easier as each tier comes out. Not sure if that’s just me.

I mean, there are so many different kinds of abilities that can be mix-and-matched to frustrate a monster. Monsters only, really, have one set of abilities. It’s easier to learn to deal with a monster’s abilities than a certain combination of hunters. :confused: (<- Hate this new face)


I would love Tier 6-20. But if they pause and finish all adaptations and possibly a few maps, I’m good with that too.


I wouldn’t mind them doing a switch around…maybe a full tier of monsters so that there’s more to choose from. I know it’s more resources and such, but I think it would be cool if they went with doing a multiple monster release and no hunters (just because you can’t just add one hunter–would need to be one for each class)

If they do a T6, I wouldn’t want it to be spread out like they did with T5. Too much of a waiting process, hype or not it was a grueling decision.


Agreed. Better to wait a bit longer overall than to wait all the time.

The way I see it, it would be great for their resources to focus on the adaptions of all the tiers, and perhaps a few new maps, while also working on a tier 6. Not actively, but just brainstorming once in a while, and with very few resources, so that, when they finished the adaptions and the few maps, they can quickly jump to tier 6.


To be fair I feel like there’s enough diversity for the hunters to work with at the moment. There’s so many combinations that can be made with that great a number of hunters. However I’d love to see another monster being added to the line up.

There’s so many ways that they could still change monster play. Imagine seeing with different eyes for instance; night vision, infra-red vision, gamma vision, whatever.

Not to say I wouldn’t love more variations, or even maps. Heck, they could even opt to redo some maps partially to reflect that time has passed since release.


I’d prefer new maps and modes when Kala and the remaining adaptations are done.


It’s not just you, it’s sheer probability that with each new hunter additional synergies will form. Just look at what Sunny did for Val & Griff.

I’d like TRS to balance and fix the game. The more stuff they release the more bugs we have to deal with. Gorgon is my main and I refuse to play her anymore until the pounce bugs are fixed. What’s the point of new content when it’s unplayable? I browse the forums more than play the actual game these days.

No tier6 until the game is fixed!


I kind of agree and also don’t.

If it were up to me the game would have 20 tiers and 10 new maps but of course with a small dev team and player base that isn’t happening any time soon.

However, I think the adaptations are amazing and think they will do the game well. The game just needs all of these things but takes so much time and monies ;_;

EDIT- One day I imagine Evolve with its unique style of gaming will become huge and have a thriving player base. The idea of 4v1 in gaming is so epic to be let go. It may be in this Evolve, it may be in some next gen Evolve in the future but damn it I will see it happen!


Like someone said above, I’d LOVE to see just a tier of monsters. No hunters to accompany them, just monsters. There’s a lot of variety in hunters already, and many different mixes can be made (especially with adaptations). I think the monster side is lacking.


I feel this way but in this style of game I would love to have more.

If they could keep this up for 20 more tiers I would buy them all as long as people are still playing.


A whole group of monsters coming out at once would be so cool. That would keep some of us busy for sure.


I want T50 and a variation for every character in each. 20 new maps and… And…
#Plz TRS :sob: