Anybody Play Minecraft?


Just wondering if anyone played Minecraft. Also, did anyone score Minecon tickets?


Me and @10shredder00 did back 2 or so years ago before it started going downhill. 1.9 update ruined any sort of gameplay for me. The way the lighting works when you go underwater is shit. I only get on if my sister wants to do survival with me.

The servers are now a monopoly because the top-dog servers hold most of the MC playerbase and before the recent blacklist scandals, were by far pay2win. Hypixel’s Mega Walls is an example of P2W since the regular classes were only iron whereas expensive classes whom were bought with in-game credit gave enchanted Diamond. Donators got monthly credit packages meaning they would get the classes faster, and win because of it, starting a vicious cycle where reg players can’t earn enough to buy the op classes.

There was no fun factor and was complete cancer.

When I played, it was on a server called MCPVP whom had sub CTF servers. I was a regular there and was on 5 of the class leaderboards. I made many maps and I loved to build. Eventually MCPVP shutdown and every other server didn’t appeal to me. I met many friends and was well respected on MCCTF.


Minecraft… man that’s been a long while.

Excluding the brief server hosted by @ToiletWraith a while ago, the last time I played was in… 1.3? It was some patch with a 3 in it. It was the patch where LAN mode became available so that you could “open” your singleplayer world at any point and then friends on the same network could join you.

I remember it really well because it completely butchered Minecraft single player. I don’t know how they managed to screw up this bad, but ever since that patch Minecraft single player always plays like you joined a server.
It’s not like everything is super laggy, but… mobs glitching up and down rapidly, stuff falling through the floor, strange stuttering knockback when you hit a mob… that sort of thing.
Even when you’re just playing single player, on your own, perhaps even unplugged your internet cable… you’d still not achieve the smoothness that Minecraft had before that.

Not sure why it never got fixed. I believe you can roll back to whichever patch you like in the new Minecraft launcher nowadays, so give it a go and compare the beta to whichever current build Minecraft is at right now. You’ll notice the difference.

For me that’s what killed Minecraft. I loved mapmaking more than the survival aspect of the game itself but single player was definitely what kept me going. And it wasn’t fun for me anymore.


I play it occasionally, but only singleplayer. As others have mentioned, the multiplayer, unless you manage to set up a server of your own, is complete dogshite


i wish, you wish, we all wish for it


I used to back in the day. I was big builder and was even paid a couple times to build server spawns. Ah the good ol days :slight_smile:


I used to play minecraft but… it go sooo boring I am not the creative type of guy so I moved to another game :stuck_out_tongue:


I moved from Minecraft to terraria


I mean, I started playing 1.7 or 1.8 and I’ve never experienced any of that on single player. Maybe they have fixed it?


yeah same :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m an old beta player, but to be honest I stopped playing a while back because everything just got stale. I’m terrible at building, I’ve done everything in survival mode, I dislike a lot of the more recently added mechanics, and the big servers are all pay to win. I certainly play much more Terraria than Minecraft these days.