Anybody play Evolve with a Scuf?


Has anybody tried playing Evolve with a Scuf controller? Are the paddles good for the game? Does it make it easier?

I play with my paddles on CoD, which is what it was made for. But I can’t be assed right now to try it, I usually take my paddles out if I’m not playing an FPS, but Evolve is kinda different from an FPS.


You’re better off with an X1 Elite. More customizable and a lot cheaper. @Jedi_Warrior has one I believe.


I’m more talking about using the paddles rather than whatever special controller there is. I bought my Scuf before Xbox Elite was out and I see no point in buying one now.


Ahh, well Jedi plays with the paddles. Should still be relevant.


I’ve played Evolve with my friends Elite controller using the paddles.

It’s so much easier to jetpack and look around at the same time since you don’t have to hold A and try to use the thumbstick at the same time too as you just have to push the paddle.


I do have an elite controller and the paddles make it so much easier to play. Simply being able to aim and jetpack at the same time is really helpful.

The way I have my hunter controls are set up is the upper left paddle is jetpack, upper right is ping, lower left is switch to primary weapon and lower right is switch to secondary weapon. This allows me to jetpack or switch weapons without taking my thumb off of the right stick.

For monster my controls are upper left paddle for Y ability, upper right for X ability, lower left for smell and lower right for traversal. Again I don’t need to take my thumb off of the stick for the most part. Having traversal on a paddle really helps gorgon too. It means you can cling to a wall whilst aiming and immediately pounce on your enemy.

So yeah, paddles with evolve works really well. :slightly_smiling:


Scuff? Never heard of it : /



Those look…badass


X1 Elite is better. More customization and a lot cheaper. ::slightly_smiling:
Works on PC too!


I’ve not used a scuf controller, but you can customise pretty much anything about the elite controller. It’s got a high price tag (still cheaper than most scuf controllers), but in my eyes it’s worth the money. :slightly_smiling:


I don’t use scuff, but I have modded the hell out of my controller.


Along with all those changes, I also made the triggers a little more sensitive to the touch.


That looks badass. How much did it cost to mod it like that?


$68 including the controller. Had to do the installation myself, which was a huge pain. Also, those are real bullet casings.


i have a friend who makes customized anything. he built an Xbox Laptop one time.