Anybody on ps4


Just looking for some people to play against as Monster who are on ps4. I don’t much care for random wait times so if anybody wants to add me I enjoy playing monster.

Psn name is Destro_Dragon.

Just message me and I’d be happy to run against you for a bit.


Yoooooooo I’m down but I won’t me home for another day…but if you send me a request I’ll add ya once I get back


I changed the category for you, it might help you to find people since that’s where they usually look for people to play the game :slightly_smiling:

I’m not on PS4 or I’d say add me. Good luck!

I’d also look here:

In this one it’s a bit older so not everyone still plays, but there are a few I see regularly!


This one is also fairly recent!


What is it? Do I need to sign for it or something?


No, I’m just giving you resources to find other people that play PS4. You can message them here or on PS4 and see if they want to play Evolve with you :slightly_smiling:


Oh cool, thanks. I’m actually about to sleep but I’ll message some people later.


I apologize but I haven’t been able to sign onto my ps4 much lately. Send me a friend request and I’ll get back to you hopefully tomorrow.


Do you have a ps4? I know you mentioned you were on multiple systems in another thread. I think that’s what I read, anyways. Send me an Friend Request if so, youve been really helpful on the forums. Thanks for that.


Are you on ps4? Again, trying to get Friend Requests from people who have been very helpful for forward here on the forums. You guys have been great and I’d enjoy hanging out outside the forums.


My other system is a PS4, but I haven’t paid my PS Plus in almost two months, so I’ve gotten that canceled by now. I’m sorry.


What’s your psn?


Well shoot me a FR anyways if you feel up to it. If you ever end up paying your PS+ we can always hang out then.




Heya bud, Sent ya a request.


Sorry friend. I’m on PC.


Thanks, like I said I’ll get to it ASAP.


Well, I appreciate the response regardless. Hopefully I’ll stick around the forums and if you ever want to chat just message me.

Also, @Plaff

If you’ll add me sometime I’d be happy to join in some matches. I sent you a message but haven’t had time to check if you responded.


Aha sounds good. Same to you :wink:


Het, what’s your PSN?


Hi dude. UK returning player back on this week. If you fancy some matches add me Neoo1974