Anybody have any lost beta key?


Anybody have any lost beta key? I would like to test the game before buying monster version. This is the beta servers still have active :persevere:


Beta was closed awhile ago buddy back on the 19th and it started on the 15th of January.


Too bad this game called me a lot of attention, but do not like to buy game without testing, still an expensive extended version, will buy basic version in steam, will have the option of upgrand?


I can give you one advice.

If you have a friend who has the game, speak with him and arrange a steam account with family sharing for you to use and try out the game.

If you like it, buy it.


We haven’t heard anything about upgrades so if I were you I’d watch some streams the games going to be released in a couple days. And unless you really want to get Behemoth for the pre order bonus you won’t miss much by waiting a few days.


I went into monster version, but problem not enjoy the game, if there is option to upgrad the basic version of monster would be good.


Yeah we asked for that too but we haven’t heard it mentioned.