Anybody have a Vive?


I’m probably going to get one. A co-worker brought his in last week and I was very impressed. I never really looked into vr before because I thought it looked gimmicky, but man is it cool.

But I have to build a pc for it first. I’ll likely wait for the nvidia 1070.


Why did I read Vine?




but I’m still envious of your skills.


I’m not into VR since all it is is messing with visuals, sounds, and some motion senses. The only way to have a complete VR experience is:

  • not wearing something on your face
  • have a whole room dedicated to VR with extreme HD monitor-walls, celing, and floor.

I would never get one. Cryaotic also hurt his hand on a celing fan, so you need an empty room to safely enjoy it. Not worth it :confused:


Have you tried it?

I plan on having enough space to safely enjoy it! :slight_smile:


So…a holodeck. That’s really what I’m waiting for too.


LMAO! That laugh! It sounds like a baby goat



A cardboard box and a phone! The next big thing for VR technology!


We have Google Cardboard at work lol
I think the studio is actually getting a nice VR set though, I’ve only overheard something about it




I got Vive. what do you want to know?
Speaking of GTX 1080 and 1070, the only difference is the raw performance that those cards have over any other card. What they showed at the nVidia demos, unless gets implemented, it’s not going to help in any current games.


Interesting about the 1080 and 1070. How do you think the 970 would perform with the vive?

What’s your favorite game so far?


I’m running on Titan X, it’s a better than 970. What I’ve read about it on Reddit, my impression was, that it is sufficient. It’s not perfect, but it works as it should be. It is not recommended to crank up settings (if possible) in games. After all, it is “recommended minimum” for VR.

Games? I like small quirky games, my favourite ones are:

Audioshield -
Space Pirate Trainer -
Project CARS -

This guy IMO nailed the review of the Vive. He really spoke how I feel about the HMD

He also made a follow up with some questions answered.

I like it, but it won’t replace my gaming habits anytime soon. Not at least when the screens get better and GPU performance in VR gets improved as well.


You needent spend all that money on expensive VR head sets chaps. Lloyds gotcha back with a handy make your own video that will save the pennies so they can be squandered else where!