Anybody got some TF2 things they can give to me? 😄


Hello everyone!

I’ve been playing a lot of TF2 recently, but I want some variations to spice up my gameplay a bit.

Anybody got any weapons/equipment they can trade with me? I play everything except Pyro, Soldier, Demoman and Spy (but I would still take anything anyway!:smile:). If anyone could help me out and donate some, especially with the Engineer and Medic class. Thanks!


I’ll see if I have any spare weapons laying around


Once I get home I’ll check, I think I have tons of stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


Only thing I have spare right now is the Blutsauger, a gun for the medic. Interested?


What are the specs? :stuck_out_tongue:


each hit nets you +3hp, but you lose 2hp per second while using it.

can be very powerful, but I just suck at using it


Sentry, I don’t know what you doin there, but you’re somewhere at 4:50 AM?

I declare shenanigans!


6:51 AM :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll take anything thanks!

My name is: Parham Of The Bahrami


Crap, just read it’s not tradeable :sweat_smile:

In that case, I have nothing, as it seems none of my items that I can miss are tradeable :confused:


I have some things I can give to you Jev :slightly_smiling:

Just send a trade when you can.

Edit: My username is Buckets_Sentry_Gun :stuck_out_tongue:


Same, I have bits and pieces you can have


Im friends with all you, ill send trades

EDIT: @niaccurshi @Buckets_Sentry_Gun I dont have steam level…

You’re gonna have to send the invites.


What was your username?


Parham Of The Bahrami

Friend me aswell!


I can’t initiate a trade with you, it says you need to invite to trade… so if it is also telling you you can’t then you may need to do some stuff to get your steam level up so it trusts you to trade


What Nia said.

Edit: I’ll be playing while you do that :stuck_out_tongue:


When you get your steam level fixed, I too have a bunch of TF2 stuff you can have. :slight_smile:


You didnt want my items, you just wanted to see me lag :frowning:


It was fine m9

You couldn’t have given it to me anyways…

BSG and I are playing some games on an American server if you’d like to join.