Anybody Got Killed By Daisy?

Now I know that this is an extremely rare thing to happen as there are hardly anyone who picks Waggie.
It never happened to me, but I’d like to know if any of you killed every Hunter but were killed by Daisy (and a video clip would be awesome!).

If that ever happened I don’t know if I’d keep the video. Be too ashamed :sob:


daisy actually pushed me off a ledge and into a megamouth … i dint die from it though that doggie likes pushing ppl off cliff if your standing at the edge…

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I remember a gif from @Torvald_Stavig where he was last man standing, waiting to use the teleporter and Daisy popped through just as the Goliath charged towards him.


:joy: I remember seeing that 10/10

Daisy killed me … When she stole my heart on launch




Slightly off-topic:

There was one time where our entire hunting party watched the Monster die while facing a Megamouth.
It was a Pug Team too so everyone was like: “WTF?!? The Monster died fighting one of the ordinary animals!”

(I suppose the reaction would be similar if Daisy killed the Monster)


Pounced the last hunter and then Daisy came up behind me. By the time I realized I would die before I got the kill due to the assault popping his shield, I released the pounce and tried to roll away quickly to grab a little armor…but got finished off by Assault and residual burn damage…back in Legacy. It was super hilarious and I should have allowed Daisy to just get the kill.


Here you go most unpredictable ending ever :stuck_out_tongue:


new meta, kill daisy.

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Nice to see more people choose WLM after her buff. I met a number of players choosing her after her buff.

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I had a really close game yesterday where Daisy finished the job:
The monster down/kill everyone except Daisy with less than 1/5 of a health bar left, and Daisy put her sunglasses, jap “Burn Baby, Burn”, kill the monster and then go away to burn all that live on Shear while downed hunters are left to root. ^^

Definitely, with this Buff, Waggie is back in the game.


Nope but I’ve been killed by a Reaver before.

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That definitely puts Daisy over COD Ghosts’ Riley on the “Man’s Best Friend” rankings…:stuck_out_tongue:


Death by Daisy!


Never killed by daisy but I did have a match v Kraken where daisy got over 10k damage…
I can remember the team we had but assault was Hyde and got around the same if not less damage.
Then against meaty daisy managed a mere 2k.
This leads me to belive lower damage scores on a win mean a better game if that makes sense