Anybody else want Legacy back?


I know I do. It was more complex and involved. Not to mention the visuals looked amazing and the gameplay was darker and felt more like a Hunt than a Chase. Say what you will about Hunt, but it was infinitely better for the gameplay and atmosphere.


The visuals, creepy atmosphere and flat out more serious attitude of Legacy (like not having a map about bumrushing overpowered wildlife buffs) is what I miss.

Honestly I think Evolve: Stage 2 has improved in every other aspect. I like the new Evolve better from a gameplay-PoV.


Gameplay is infinitely better now than it was.

  • Less predictable (even if there could be improvements) pathing
  • Less getting your whole game ruined because of one mistake
  • Less buff abuse by monsters
  • Less relay cheesing (by either side)
  • Less not knowing what the hell is going on because of an over-abundance of flora
  • Less snags while moving around the maps
  • Less one sided maps
  • More diversity in how to play your character
  • More viable characters overall


I agree. From what I’ve seen legacy was so much better. If you took the time to play and learn it was great. But sadly it had to be dumbed down for people that don’t want to learn.


I agree with some of these points but I also feel that most of these could’ve been implemented in Legacy.

The sad reality is that it’s hard to find that middle ground to keep veterans and new players happy and engaged.


It is unfortunate, but it is needed if this game is to succeed. While I love the idea of the gritty old style of play, the newer style is just better for multiple reasons. @niaccurshi up there already listed most of them, but besides those one must think about a new player coming into the game. Its already a very steep learning curse, even now, and that is very daunting for a new player.
It ultimatly comes down to this: Is the game fun enough to be worth the effort of getting good at it? If 99% of all new players dont think its fun enough, the game falls back into its old grave.

So here is what I propose. TRS shoud totally create a variation map that functions like Legacy Evolve. The darkness, the atmosphere, everything. While making its own gamemode I feel would split the community too much, making one or two maps for it would probably go over very well.


Largely speaking I think that this is the middle ground, and I personally feel that aside from a few vocal people, the majority of legacy players are more than happy with the result. But there are no figures, there are no numbers, it’s just one opinion of how the Legacy community feels against the other so I know we’re at an impasse on that.

I for one though don’t see many people popping up to complain, it’s the same few usual faces that often bring up their distaste wherever they feel it’s possibly relevant.


Good news! You can :slight_smile:

Simply go to Evolves properties, Click the betas tab, and opt out back into legacy. You can now enjoy legacy evolve with all of the other people who enjoy legacy :slight_smile:


But you wont be able to find any matches and that would kind of make it worse.


The downside of playing legacy with all the other players who want to play legacy.


I wouldn’t want to go back but I do wish we had more options for visual effects. The neutering of effects is making me not want to play.


If it were an option, and I feel that it isn’t but with work could be, I’m happy for people to add to their settings to make it harder for themselves to see what’s going on.


What, did someone take it away from you?


So as usual.


In a honest answer - No.

I enjoy the new stage two personally and the influx of new players seem to agree. Did it have some great gaming elements? Of course it did! However, per a business perspective it only catered to a small minority.


I really miss the old ones. And it wasn’t harder for me to see. Quite the contrary in fact. I have no idea when a wraith is using supernova for instance and when too many hunters have AOE effects they get all mashed together and you lose the boundaries.

The visual changes on some things were great but they took it too far. Its actually making it harder on me.


I think, population willing, if it were possibly to simply have ‘Legacy’ as a game mode (even in ‘Custom’ only), that would be amazing. We’d possibly need two versions of each map however, of course, as the S2 maps wouldn’t be very Legacy friendly.

But yes, as to your question - as much as I love what S2’s brought to the table and the increase in population, I definitely miss Legacy.


Guide to switching between legacy and stage 2 and only downloading once, updated last night. :wink:


as much i miss the good ole days, it shouldn’t be coming back, but dont be depressed, i’m sure soon, more maps will be added.

yeah the atmosphere was nice. meeting the tyrant for the first time haha. a giant crocodile. The Dam map


The best of both worlds would be nice.

I like the new dome mechanics, though being able to still miss might be nice I want everyone to have the chance to pop it instead of just trapper.

Other than that I really wish all the old maps and game modes were available. I don’t even care if they felt they were balanced with swimming in pools a monster can wade through or not, I just like diversity and would love to have extra maps that are already made and ready to go.

At the very least it would be nice to have evac game mode and those extra maps to play in co-op and in training.