Anybody else have issues with Cabot?


To me personally it seems like Cabot is by far the weakest of the three supports. His damage amp makes him more of a classic debuffer, but his other two weapons are annoyances to the monster at best. The rail gun damage output is kinda small and it is hard to connect with. While the dust tagging radius can be hard to hit with and only last like 15 seconds…

Pretty much hank far outstrips his damage out put and even utility with that Damn shield. While buckets UAV and turrets make him indespensable for hunt or defend


Weird he has the highest win rate.


Yea but we’re still one week in. That could be attributed to team composition and the skill level of the overall monsters faced.
He’s definitely useful, but I wonder how much so as opposed to the others


railgun stops the monster eating without line of sight

dust tagging means the monster can never hide

damage amp means the monster can’t really fight for a long time unless he focuses cabot


That first point sounds like a high level tactic I have yet to see employed… sounds very interesting though… I have yet to see dust tagging used often enough to really feel the pressure as the monster though. I mean with item cool down u can literally rip ur head of as bucket before ur uav wears off… might just be my personal experience between that Griffins sound spikes and Vals tranq darts even a fast moving wraith has trouble staying off the radar


Cabot is the easy mode hunter. Doesn’t have to be close to the fight yet also causes the fight to be twice as devastating to the monster. The rail gun has great damage considering what you can do with it and dust tagging all but ruins a monster if it’s caught around the stage 2 evolve or before. I’m not sure how anyone can describe him as the weakest. He’s the most reliable and most persistent, and this will always translate to more wins.


it means you can never eat once cabot has seen you once because he can see you through a wall and also shoot you through a wall.

honestly cabot players are lazy. that’s what they are. (if they do stay way back and shoot through walls and only occasionally damage amp.)

why? because you can be behind the rest of the group and call your dust tagging the same and also use your weapons the same. that means you can sit back and let everyone else do the work while you eat doritos and masturbate with your free hand


I think you’ll find that as tournaments and the like start to happen, that Cabot will be well represented, and is not at all weaker than the other 2. There may be times Hank has better team synergy, but I’m thinking Cabot is, if anything, a bit too strong right now.


Damn that’s an interesting doritos tactic… I’ll have to try that…


I consider him to be the best of the support class. I mean he can spot a monster from far away, and the radius is pretty large imo. His rail gun packs a punch and the damage amplifier meand that in some situations, you have 2 assault classes doing tremendous damage. I know Hank and Bucket are good in the right hands, and at first glance Cabot’s skill set doesn’t look impressive… but when you play with him you just know he is a beast and the monster cannot ignore that…


Maybe I just suck at him… I’ve just gotten so much utility damage out of bucket and just straight up damage out of hank… I can understand Cabot use with other damage amp characters… but I think dust tagging could use a cool down buff… or maybe buckets uav is op? But tagging the monster and catching him are very different things… I don’t think most hunters even know he shoots thru walls


I hate playing Cabot… He’s my worst support. But then again I haven’t quite got his timing down


because bucket autoaims and hank can do 7k dmg at once. to be good with cabot you have to be relentless. cabot’s railgun and dust tagging mean once you take the monster’s armor he can’t get it back. just stay inside of his ass. right in there.


Cabot is probably the best support right now and that’s mostly because he is basically a 2nd Assault, that more often than not is better at being assault than assault himself.
Beside that, he has an ability to help with tracking the monster (dust) also he can increase situational burst damage when needed (i.e. amplifier + arc mines, almost instantly empties your capacity of amplifier and deals a lot of damage to the monster)


the one thing that really might need a nerf in this game is this combination.

either one is fine, both at the same time, oh god


That’s why there are several hunters to choose from, i don’t like to play with bucket and am not very good with him but i like to play with Hank and Love Cabot. To each his own :wink:


Amplifier deals allows to deal an additional flat amount of damage.
Default amplifier without any perks, mastery progressions or buffs allows you to deal a TOTAL of 1000 damage with a full charge.
5 seconds of lightning gun focused fire deals around 1000 of damage.

That’s not that strong.
Sometimes you are much better if you just focus on using railgun, instead of amplifier.
Each railgun shot deals around 240 dmg, with a headshot that’s almost 500 dmg (when shooting through walls, that damage is reduced by 50%).
Railgun needs a nerf, that’s all I have to say.


He’s amazing, honestly. I think support is the most well done class all around as all Supports are good and offer advantages for different play modes. Offense, Defense and balanced.


Tbh a Wraith can easily get away fast enough. The rail gun doesn’t have that much reach through walls to stop him from like, 100m or more. I can’t even hit him through walls from 50 meters sometimes.


You should always focus Cabot :scream:. Why are you not focusing Cabot?