Anybody else able to picture ogre from tekken as a viable monster?


so for those that know who I’m talking about am I the only one that thinks so? His snake arm could have like a long range slam. An air swoop ability or something, a fiery laser beam and stuff. I could honestly see it (obviously it won’t happen but a guy could dream) anyone else?


This is most definitely off-topic.


but its pertaining to a monster discussion


The monster category is for discussing the group of monsters currently in game. This is off-topic.


instead of complaining about the category just enjoy the dang thread sheesh sticklers


I’m just doing my job, sir.


True ogre is cool looking, but he couldn’t beat Jin Kazama let alone take on the Hunters from Evolve :wink:


I like pictures so we know what is being talked about.

He looks pretty cool!