Anybody down to play S2 a little later?

I don’t have a lot of characters, and I don’t have a mic, but y’all love me anyways and I’m in an Evolve type of mood.


Dude idk if I have S2 installed or Legacy. Lemme check, then I’ll get back

I do. I’ll play if you respond :wink:


jk cries in console

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I totally forgot about this, I’ll message you on steam tonight. If you can get a group, that’d be good, since the playerbase is pretty low.

Edit: also I don’t have a lot of characters unlocked just so you know, I think the only character I’ve actually unlocked aside from free rotation is Renegade Abe.

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Oh, idk if I have anybody that still plays. I’ll ask around.

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There’s plenty of peeps that still do.

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Are you referring to from here? Because yesterday when I looked at Steam Charts we were at 97.