Any X-Files fans?


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I’ve watched it a few times before but it was a cluster fuck because for some reason they don’t air(it was reaired actually) in a proper order.

So I took the time to rewatch the show right back from season 1 shortly after the Remastered version came out, as of writing this I’m in the middle of episode 12 titled ‘Fire’ which is a pretty hot episode.

My favorite so far and from the missmatchy ones I’ve seen on TV has got to be 'Eve’ the eleventh episode of the first season.

  • How many seasons have you watched and which episode or season is your favorite?

  • Have you watched the movie?

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I’ve watched all the ‘old’ episodes as well as the movies. None of the newest stuff to come out. Netflix currently has them all I believe.


Season one has been slower than I’d like but I read that things pick up more as the season progresses.


Thanks, on mobile so I can’t doot links


Correct. All tv series usually play it safe the first season or two. It starts really picking up I would say Season 3/4. 2 Isn’t bad either.


Yeah true, first seasons tend to be a bit too reserve or awkward. But most can really pick after a season or two if given the chance.


Yup. Some of my favorite shows of all time started off a bit slow.


Shows that I’m watching right now that are like that.

  • Gotham
  • Was pretty bad because they weren’t doing characters very well, but when they dropped the Monster of the Week format and instead went on one focus arc for season two the show got so much better.
  • The Flash
  • Was very awkward and some plots were dragged on for too long at first, but writing and everything got so much better,

I would list more but these two are the most notable ones I’m watching right now that greatly improved after their first season.


Babylon 5 is the biggest one I can recall. Easily the best piece of Sci-Fi storytelling that has come out imo. First season is really slow but man it cranks up fast. HIGHLY recommend watching it.


I was a fan when I was a child. lol my uncle used to watch it.




I’ve seen all of the X-Ffiles episodes and movies probably like 3 times each.


I loved that episode :slight_smile:


Just saw episode Folie à Deux last night, pretty good.


As a huge fain of the original, I’ve seen it all at least 3 times, I loved the reboot last night. Was a great bit of nostalgia seeing them all back together. It was everything I wanted, can’t wait to see where they take it.


I’ve seen every X-files, I watched growing up… It was such a great show, nothing like it at the time… So I just watched the first 2 episodes of 2016 Reboot, OMG it’s as good as expected, maybe better… A must watch


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