Any words for the new monster and hunters?


Its been a long ass time now since the release for the t4s. But is there any words for t5s ?


We don’t have any information regarding new characters yet.


It’s been just over a month…not really that long.


A long time? O.o
Your sense of time is a strange one.


Timeline wise it does feel like we should be getting close to at least a tease of information about what’s coming up.


T5 announcement early august.


Judging from them saying that only the first year of DLC has been confirmed, I’d say we definitely get them I. This year, but that’s a very wide range


I say the teaser will come at the end of this month, then they will be revealed mid-summer, then released a few weeks after that.


i say august is early :smirk:


I really hope not. Honestly, trying to deal with Sunny/Caira as a learning Monster is frustrating enough without adding a whole slew of new Hunters into the mix to discourage us even further.


A month of playing the same characters over and over is really boring,dude


Any confirmation ?


You’re in the wrong game then…


Nope but know that there already in development so i dont think its farfetched to give a teaser in early or mid August, TRS know they need to bait us otherwise we nay get bored and leave.


True that !


Game wont last that long if they dont start teasing earlier, other games have like 2 months max between releases, not teases, i think destiny is the only one that extends that


By reasonable assumption there should be at least a tease this month or early next month, yea we just got t4 but people wear things out fast, 1 month is about the lifespan of dlc excitement, then the next should be teases to keep excitement for the next one, continue cycle, but if they wait 4 months before TEASING this game will be gone


Problem is, realistically theyve gotta fix the current bugs 1st. Im on a break currently until they fix the behemoth freeze bug. So i dont mind waiting until the game is bug free.


If only the rest of the community had that patience tho, i played cheif collection, waited forever for it to release, then got on and it was too buggy, i havent played it once since because i dont feel like messing with the bugs, they have to patch faster and get dlc out way faster than the people on the forums are expecting, because everyone on here is patient but everyone whos not is getting more fed up with bugs every day and seeing nothing to hook them and brink then back, other than really really useless skins, they have to speed up on everything, and i love the game and know things take time, but the people move faster than the devs are patching, if they need more manpower they gotta get it because reguardless of how fast they CAN get all of this out, judging by the community’s patients, they NEED to get everything out the door faster, patches and dlc


And i apologize if any of this seems offensive, i only say these things in defense of the game