Any word on pounce hitboxes?


Is there any word on if or when pounce hitboxes are being made reasonable? I grow tired of getting pounced from midair after dodging behind a monster and getting ten meters away before I get snagged. It’s been months since launch, it’s been reported very, very, very, very often so do all of us a favor and look at it please.

Is there any ETA? Any acknowledgement that you’re working on this? Anything please?


Your posts lately have been rather salty @MidnightRoses, although I totally agree on this issue. I hope you aren’t giving up hope on Evolve though. I’m still waiting for this game to take off, I know it will happen.

I always picture Monster Energy Drinks sponsoring Evolve, that would get hype out!!! I think that the Devs will keep listening to the community and fixing everything, hopefully. :smile:


Oh? Have they now?


so you dont think monters should be able to pounce unless the hunter is completely grounded?


No, I think the monster should have a smaller hotbox in pounce, period. People have been grabbed from like ten meters away flying ten meters above the ground.


all ive gotta say…

kraken pounce.

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I mean no offense!!! I’ve just remembered reading a few of your posts recently that seemed like you were getting disgruntled with Evolve. I know a lot of people have left, I’m hoping nobody else does. :cry:

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I think a clearer outline on how the hitboxes function would help , i mean these monsters are GIANT so its really not that hard for me to believe that an 26.1 meter tall flying beast can catch something 10 meters away in the air .


When they pounce along the ground and pull you back onto a pillar that you had jet packed 10m away from it gets a little irritating. But thats lag for ya.

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Agreed, pounces should definitely be made more consistent over the different Monsters regarding hitboxes and the ability to easily spam pounces infight due to animation cancelling like for example the Kraken or Behemoth can.

Goliaths and even more so Wraiths pounce hitbox is in comparison rather small and even the animation lock to engage in sneak mode after a skill or autoattack is very long, like you have to not use any attack for a good 1.5 seconds to be able to sneakpounce. Kraken on the other hand is still able to spam pounce to lock down Hunters or even just to cover ~10-15 meters distance in an instant to followup with a sure hit heavy attack. Latency paired up with Krakens obviously bigger pounce hitbox than any other Monsters, be it vertical and horizontal or even raw distance gets kinda… frustrating at times.

I know in competitive Krakens pretty much rely on the current sneakpounce hitbox and spamability for lockdowns and heavy followups etc. but yeah, it should definitely be looked at when hopefully some proper Monstertweaks are being done to make it less a mandatory infight tool. Which in turn would make reducing the hitbox less of a problem and would probably help with those mostly latency related in-air pounces as well.

Problem is that evolves hit-detection is apparently client side, so any latency above ~150ms makes it pretty much a gamble if you’re actually getting hit by attacks, sneak pounces etc. ‘Oh, you’re saying you perfectly dashed out of my Leap Smash? Yeah well, tough luck m8, not on my screen.’


Wut, that like was nearly faster than my post, could’ve been total rubbish I just wrote, just saying :smirk:


I read it all before I liked it. :stuck_out_tongue:


That was literally just 1 second after I hit that reply button! Those are some inhuman reading skills you got there. Or it’s one of those space-time things Einstein wrote about… so you Australians actually do live in the future? Science… back to sneak pounces.


I’m pretty sure it was more than a second. :stuck_out_tongue: I read the whole thing, it was at least ten. Or maybe the coffee is getting to me and I’m insane already, who knows?

But yes, back to sneak pounces.

Turtle please.

By the way monster is my favorite role. I’ve not been playing it much lately due to lag from all my friends being EU and NA and a general lack of f*cks to gi- motivation, but it is my favorite role and I think it needs a buff. However the pounces need to be looked at.


You can pounce a hunter for up to a second after they are “out” of your range and not highlighted.
I have done it to Midnight and Toilet several times to prove a point.

You can deny pillar humping by just by climbing or dropping down from the pillar and pounce the air over/under the hunter.

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