Any word on fixing Kraken's stamina bug?


This has been present since the weekend tests, lol. Would be nice to move at full speed for a change.


Double stamina in one go bug?


the one where you burst once and it uses two bars… the one where you clip and get flung… the one where it wont go up… there are a bunch


Mhmm, all are quite annoying. Wondering which he’s referring to.


probably the two in one go… its the most annoying… so many domes that shouldnt have landed…


Happens to me all the time :frowning:


I didn’t even know about the others, only one I have experienced is using the last 2 bars on my second traversal. So let’s just go with ‘fix all Kraken’s stamina bugs’, lol.


The clip bug can be quite funny, though not for the hunters. Kraken just floats away like it got shot out of a cannon, arms flailing.