Any way to fix 21:9 Issue?



I want to play in 21:9 with my Monitor. Sadly the UI is extremely big. Is there a way to fix this Issue?

Config File maybe?


I switched to 2560x1440 and used windows/borderless mode to play on my ultrawide.


There is no 2560x1440 option for me…


Switch to borderless and then pick 2560x1440… its the only way to halfway enjoy that size monitor.


Like I said, don’t have that option. Not in borderless not in full. Goes to 1080 not higher.


Do you have the 29" or 34"?

If it’s the 29" thats why… You’ll have to play in 1920x1080


Hope it will change in full version, wont buy it when it doesn’t.


still not possible on a 29 inch 21:9 screen


The menus are being fixed, there’s been other threads for this. In the meantime you can downsize the resolution, or what I do is just leave it at 3440x1440 and go through the menu’s with controller, so I can still enjoy my widescreen when I’m actually playing.