Any update for Xbox today?

Are you on Xbox?

Agreed. Instead of letting the hype build. They barely mentioned it on the stream. What a joke.

Ps4 and Xbox unite together we are one

Lol. Finally!

Add me on ps4 and Xbox : therubexcube

Ps4 homes yeah I’ll add ya later

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(PC player)

I love TRS to bits, but find this shocking.

The fact PC gets the patch early for development, fine I an get that, but not telling you until you’ve been hyped to high heaven, and then telling you they day/day before your dreams come true just seems wrong, and I’ve yet to see a good reason why this wasn’t explained earlier. :confused:


I’m literally disgusted at this point. I’m a guy that went everywhere and hyped this game. Always argued against anyone and everyone that hates on it. Obviously it wasn’t personal towards me but it leaves me at a point where I’ve deleted evolve from my console for the first time since I’ve owned it. I’ve had it since launch.
It’s heartbreaking to sit here and watch these people, who hated on this game, play and talk about how much fun they’re having. It’s just the biggest let down I’ve ever experienced.
There should have been more indication sooner about it being PC only at first. Or something. To let everyone come running to a live stream, or run to their console in hopes of an update just to not receive one is bad.
I don’t even currently have a PC. So I can’t even get in on the action if I wanted to.

I don’t even care about f2p model. I just want the patch. The update is all I was looking forward to. We should at least be able to get that part of it.


Also, from what I understand. The new griffin adaptation will be coming out in a week or two. So hyped that I can’t even use him either.

I regret spending a single dollar on this game. The more I hear about new things the more upset I get.

No no no that can’t be happening that’s fucked up if we can’t play e griffin and pc can play it first. Another funny thing notice that were being ignored right now like not even a response from devs or moderators.

Whatever. Not even surprised right now. If they told me that it was coming out next week I’d understand. But to not even give me a date or anything that sound positive is aggravating.

Oh well. It was fun while it lasted. Just ashamed that this is the way my favorite game ends. Deleted and added to my eBay pile in my basement.

Dude…its time to let it go my friend.

It is what it is, you are only repeating yourself and “everyone” knows and feels the same who wanted this on console but its happened how its happened and making a lot of negative noise only makes it worse for us and TRS who are ultimately trying to relaunch this game in the hopes of bringing it to all platforms.

Use the energy to promote the PC free version to any friends on yours on steam, watch and share any streams on twitch, share youtube videos and help spread the word to get the foundation on PC strong enough to bring STAGE 2 to our consoles.

That really is the only thing we can do going forward, and I say this as someone who was salty at 8am BST when this all came to light, and over 18 hrs later, still feel the salt but eyes open to what needs to happen next.

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Meh. I’m done. Fool me once

Haven’t you checked this thread? :open_mouth:

I think almost every Dev and Mod that has been active lately has share their feelings on this matter in there and we’re definitely not ignoring anyone, believe me.

If you’re talking about the replies above, well, what can be said? I can’t force you to have hope or patience, I don’t know what to say, because I believe I can’t say anything that would make you guys happy. I’m also a console player and I’m super saddened by this, but I’m still willing to wait and keep supporting TRS because I love them. Nevertheless, I know others just can’t do this and I completely understand that and I’m very sure that TRS also understands it, just read their posts, believe or not, they care and right now they’re working their butt off to make this update perfect for us.

I just want to make sure that you understand that the Mods nand Devs are not ignoring anyone and I’m very sorry if you feel like that, but we do care for this community and we’ll keep trying our best to support it.

But that’s just my opinion, love you guys :heart:


Don’t take personally I’m just upset right now I’m diggin that pink bucket tho.

Wish I could play him

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I’m just pissed that I’m missing out. My all time favorite Xbox one game and I can’t even participate.
Like I said before, the ame changes would at least be welcome. I don’t care about the f2p model, never have.
I look around this forum and I see how much fun people are having and it saddens me that I can’t enjoy it as well.

They being said, I’ve always loved this game and it’s developers. Just heartbroken. I have never used that word to describe anything video game related.

I’ve already uninstalled the game and will leave it at that until the update happens if at all.

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Me too! I was lucky that I managed to play in the Early Access with my cousin’s gaming PC for just one day and when I saw that skin I was the happiest man! The only thing that I took from that experience was the picture that guys saw in the patch discussion thread and I just couldn’t wait to show it to the community!

Yeah I know :frowning: We’ll have to hang in there, we need a group hug.

Hugs everyone :heart:

No hugs too heated right now

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Wow I just got off work and this is incredibly disappointing to read. PC only? How could they not tell us? They said June or July the update would be out, but never said PC only. Now they pull this sneaky “oh for PC only, IF it goes well on PC then console will get it SoonTM” crap the day of. So now we have another potentially multi month push back with no exact timetable for this update that’s taken half a year, and they didnt even give us any notice. That’s so unprofessional! Us console players supported them so much and they give us this load of bs. How can they not expect us to be pissed. Ugg! End of rant.


They don’t expect you to not be pissed, they aren’t proud of this situation and have said so.

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