Any update for Xbox today?


I don’t care about the free to play model. Did consoles get an update at all today?


Nope, neither did Playstation 4. There will be no support to “legacy” EVOLVE on consoles until if/when Stage 2 is brought over.

confirmed by devs in Discord Chat during stream


I guess this is one game that will die on my shelf then. Sad really. This was always my go to game.

I took off from work today for this update just to find out that I wasn’t getting it. Well played.


The reasoning behind it is to both increase the pc’s playerbase to healthy levels and ensure that the game is running as well as physically possible when it finally come to console by rooting out any potential problems with the update as well as to improve on it rapidly from week to week.
Once it is truly ready (my hope is that it will be by months end latest)


this beta is not going to be done in weeks, it can take weeks to get it certified on consoles…console players are looking at the long game here, that means potentially months.


The playerbase that kept it alive was console though. That’s where the focus should be. Or at least be evenly handled.


Regardless of how long it takes, I’ll be in It for the long haul. I’ve got a couple people that i recently got into the game to play customs with and coach, mighty no 9, and depending on how long i will need towait in the end, final fantasy xv to pass the time.


So will we get the update on conole or not ? i didnt understand O.O


Not today sadly. Maybe a month or two.


We will get it, just after the steam beta.


it’s going to take a few months im sure. they were talking about iterating patches on steam for weeks. so don’t hold your breath :frowning: oops sorry meant that as a response to um, to darknezz.


I’ve never been upset with this game. I’ve always been a defender of the title. But today I feel snubbed. It’s very upsetting .


In the mean time, i think we should spread information about the changes to the players on console who dont know about stage two yet.


Fairly understandable. Twas the risk of making players feel like that that weighs on the devs shoulders.


Nah, I’m good. I did that already just to find out I was wrong.


ok thanks god i was very scared i really love Evolve and TRS so much but if they stop making updates for Console it would break my hearth


Nope not yet. And thats IF it does well on PC. If it doesn’t I don’t think the update will ever hit consoles.


To be honest, i was pretty shocked when it was revealed that the game would indeed go free to play. I wonder how exactly they plan on monetizing since they still need to make money to support the game since everything can be unlocked for free. My guess is that they will give you the option to buy silver keys if you dont want to play the game to unlock things.


Which is sad because consoles kept the game alive.


I’m one of the people that will gladly spend money for a full priced game and dlc. But, at this point, I will not spend another dime for this game.
Hundreds of dollars later and I can’t get the update. Doesn’t seem right.