Any Tips to Help Elite EMET's last star of Respawn Beacon?


“Successfully respawn teammates when you’re the sole survivor 60 times”

Seems stupidly over-the-top to me but EMET is the last main character (non-adaption) that I need to Elite so if anyone could help me then I’d appreciate it :smile:

Edit: If anyone is on Xbox One and wouldn’t mind helping me complete this in a Custom Match then that’d be the best way to help me!


Do a custom arena, let your team die. Be sure to place the beacon right before the third member dies and try to stay away until the beacon brings everyone back. Rinse and repeat


That was my plan but 60 times would take for ever on Solo since I don’t have any friends to do this in a Custom Match with


I don’t know if there is a way, but maybe TRS is trying to make it to wear it takes longer to elite them so it’s not boom boom boom ya’know?

I still haven’t elited T1 haha :cold_sweat: but I have Goliath and Behemoth Elited is that a plus?


do you have a buddy that could help you out? my friend helped me out by going monster and killing the bots over and over on a never ending custom hunt game. takes a while but gets the job done.

if not, arena is probably your best bet. which takes even longer but also gets the job done… eventually.


I feel like they’ve done that for EMET and Gorgon which is kind of annoying, but what can you do about it :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope :stuck_out_tongue:


You could get away with this a couple of times per arena match. Yes it takes a bit of time but I found it to be the easiest way to go.


There are some blindspots in some arena domes, where the monster AI won’t see you. Might be able to place a beacon there as well without the monster destroying it


oops my bad, sorry. i’d gladly help but i’m on PC


That’s what I asked in my edit in the OP, I don’t have anyone to do that with and I really don’t fancy doing that 59 times in Solo where it takes ages for the AI Monster to kill everyone, even then you run the risk of being sneak pounced and having to restart


I’m on PC :slightly_smiling:


It’s not that it keeps destroying beacons, it’s that it takes ages for my team to die


Gotta eat dinner quickly so afk for a bit, thanks for the help so far though guys :smile:


i’m pretty sure monster AI ignores the beacon either way, just make sure he doesn’t accidently break it and turn off sudden death to keep it going longer.


You don’t need friends. Solo, custom game.

Emet, Maggie, bucket, markov or Hyde

Arena, murder pits

3 wins

0 strikes, monster stage 3 full armor.

Let you me team engage the monster and you retreat to the opposite side of the map.

As soon as two hunters go down and monster starts attacking the third, drop the beacon. After he kills the last Hunter he will even focus Daisy buying you some extra time.

Keep a buoy near you at all times, if the monster pounces you it can end the round, so the buoy will aid in keeping you alive if pounced and hopefully get the respawn off.

If you do this correctly you can get 10+ a match.


I found that behemoth killed the bots pretty quickly when I wasn’t healing them. The


well if you need help with the beacon, i don’t mind helping you out some time


I don’t play for Elites, I play for fun. If I somehow manage to get said elite skin then I would be happy but I don’t force it upon myself. So we could just play for fun if you would like to do so


You’re lucky then because it usually kills 1-2 and then goes after me for ages