Any tips for avoiding focus as val


Just wanted to know youropinions for avoiding the monster as val and where you guys go when the team dies


The monster is always going to try to kill you, depending on the situation he may go for support or you first. The trick is making it as much effort and as difficult as possible to get to you while minimizing the effort you need to put in too get away from, think about where YOU want to fight and try to have the fight there, find a high point, heal from it and when the monster comes for you go in the direction that you feel is faster for you and slower for the monster. Run toward jack, climb up and down walls against a goliath, etc, etc. Remember you can boost upward by not moving in any direction and jetpack boosting.




A little note: don’t spam the boost, or you’ll find yourself out of fuel and not very high up.


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This is also a good point. There is even more emphasis on jetpack management sine hunt 2.0 since spaming will waste all your fuel and with less reward. Always want to have at least one boost for the monsters big hit (rock, lightning, etc).


Play with Hank and Jack like everyone else, then the monster has to focus Hank and won’t even be able to do it


You mean Sunny and Jack?

Because Val and Sunny complement each other a lot.
Jack works well with Sunny too but at that point you might as well run Griff to harass the crap out of the monster.

Either way OP, a good support and trapper will increase your survivability tenfold.


Sunny works too, but I’m exclusively seeing Hank right now coz lol orbital OP l2p git gud


This thread has some tips that will help out with medic survival in general:

With Val, you need to learn to keep the monster tranqed while running as much as possible. You can jump and shoot while running (literally a 180 noscope or whatever people call it, but the monster is 2 tons so…).


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Something to also realize is that going ‘down’ does not mean game over (If your team plays smart from a medic going down). Your Job as medic is keeping the team alive when you are not focused. If you are focused, your goal is to make the Monster be punished as much as possible whether it’s running through turrets, juking around a pillar, jetpack roaching etc… It’s not ‘just’ avoiding damage, but putting the monster in a position where the other 2/3 team members are doing as much damage as possible.


Staying alive as a medic has two facets.

Facet One: Your skills with kiting, juking, tranqualizing, boosting, cloaking
Facet Two: Your team.

Be aware of who is watching your back. Jack needs to be ready to repulse for you. and you need to be ready to run to him. Hank/sunny need to be shielding you, don’t lose LOS. If you have markov, run towards mines. or towards buckets sentries, or towards the stasis mines, or near the drone. Sunny should be making sure you have plenty of jetpack in a fight. be aware of who your team picks, and get on that mic so they don’t forget you.


ring around rosie, single jetpack climb areas, using knockback from meles to gain distance…


just run around stuff.
Monster is targeting you?
step 1: find a tree / rock/ car wreck/ pillar
step 2: loop around it. over and over and over and over again + shoot tranqs they will help too
step 3: listen for the monster turning around to come towards you while you loop around the object
step 4: you turn around and loop the object the other way