Any time the monster is a Behemoth, I will now quit out


I was hoping Turtle Rock wouldn’t go the Pay-To-Win route with its DLC, but now I know that they have to sell it somehow, so the best way to do it is to make the Behemoth and the 4 DLC hunters OP as hell, forcing players to pay up or shut up. You cannot beat the Behemoth without using the new Hunters, which I have opted not to buy. Likewise, you cannot beat the new hunters without using the Behemoth.

I’m very disappointed in this… if only I had known beforehand that this was going to happen.

Yes, Kraken is bad, but at least Kraken is beatable.


Um, I just got my ass handed to me by a premade using Caira, Cabot, Griffin, and Hyde…and then when they used T4 I stomped their lights out…soooo…Quirkly OP? Like really, Bob has his strengths for sure, but damn he’s got some serious weaknesses, once you learn to exploit em he’s about as threatening as the great wall of china.
But won’t kill you.


Are you serious right now? I love when Monster players pick Behemoth. I get giddy and excited as an Assault about all the damage I can do. Every single Assault has a great time against Behemoth - including Markov, Hyde or Parnell, and every Trapper can track him the same or better than Crow, especially Maggie - and that’s not even mentioning Griffin’s harpoons. Hank, Bucket & Cabot are all also great choices against Behemoth - it even makes Bucket look good with his easy to find tracks and soaking turret damage. Caira is always a better choice as Medic than Slim (who people use because his mechanics are fun and he’s not as bad as Val), but even Val is useful putting tranq and weak spots on him. Even with all his health Behemoth might be the easiest Monster to kill.


…I can melt the living hell out of Behemoth with Hyde.
Game is not pay to win. I don’t need T4 hunters by my side. I’ve played a match yesterday, Hyde, Griffin, Hank and Caira. We killed Behe.
You just need to harden up a bit and learn how to fight against him. Sorry bruh, cold hard truth.
I should edit that and say he got to stage three, too.


btw beeing bob and playing against a griffin sunny is just a pain in the ass. I hate this roll stopping harpoon :frowning: or Maggie


Lol Behemoth is the weakest monster. If anything you should leave because Behemoth freezes the game 50%.


Haha true bob makes me leave every 3 game, because of this freeze bug ^^


He can however be extremely devastating at stage 1 if he fights with Sloth albino buff or Armadon albino. Scary stuff :confounded:


Quirkly OP please nerf…


Umm I don’t know what you are smoking but Behemoth is easily beatable with T1-T3 hunters and as Behemoth if you go against T4 and they are not brain dead you have no chance mainly due to Sunny and Torvald and the only way to beat a good hunter team using Sunny and Torvald is if they make a mistake and I am talking about playing as any monster but they need to really fuck ups as Behemoth for you to win due to the nuke damage from Torvald and Sunny making them untouchable if your tongue is on cooldown

The only 2 that are OP atm are Torvald and Sunny other than that they seem pretty balanced Slim might need a bit of a healing buff maybe abit of a longer colldown on Gobi it just sounds to me like you dont know how to play against Behemoth or you are getting close to him and hes punishing you for it


His weaknesses don’t mean anything when he has all that armor and can just sit there smashing your insert objective here and shrug off everything you do to it, or just tunnel vision your medic and down them and proceed to kill them while ignoring any damage your team may be trying to do to it. If you lose as a Behemoth, you’re probably not a very good monster to begin with.


Behemoth…OP? As in, our Behemoth? Rock monster, spits lava, about yay big? Overpowered?



I feel like you’re just salty cuz you lost to a good Bob, if the hunters have any form of height (pillars to jump between, walls strafe up and down, etc.) Bob cant do shit, leaving you all to do free damage, and yeah he has a lot of health, but it won’t last forever


I have yet to beat a Behemoth. Maybe my teams are just all bad? Maybe you NEED to pair up with 3 friends instead of 1 friend and 2 randoms? I dunno, man. I’m not a bad hunter, but I tried every trick in the book and we could barely crack into his health bar.


What stage are most of the Brohemoths you encounter?
If its stage 1, those randoms are probably killin ya, I can only stage 1 wipe against pubbies, cuz, ya know…pubbies.
However, if you encounter a stage 2, full armor Behemoth that knows what hes doing, theres a good chance you’re fucked, cuz he will hit you like a Bus out of orbit, and it hurts
And if its Stage 3?
Never let it reach stage 3 ;-;
Just dun do it ;-;-;-;-;-;


out of all that was in that sentence, sunny is the only one whos broken atm, the others have been put in line and are even recieving more fixes. so get a clue already…

[quote=“NotSid, post:1, topic:55362”]
You cannot beat the Behemoth without using the new Hunters
[/quote]yes, you can. infact behemoth is one of the hardest monsters for people to play it seems.
i’ve played against ONE good behemoth. and hes terrifying to play against, and the matches are long and uber close. but nowhere near ‘‘impossible’’

[quote=“NotSid, post:1, topic:55362”]
you cannot beat the new hunters without using the Behemoth.
[/quote]i’ve beaten full T4 teams using all 4 monsters, and im a hunter main. you need practice, thats all there is to say.


Lol this is totally a shit… You are just bad as hell, that’s all.


All monsters have it easy when it comes to soloq, kraken has like 75% winrate for example. Its just the effect of the asymmetrical 1v4 gameplay - hunters have a higher chance of getting bad teammates whereas an average monster will win most of the time on his own. Behemoth right now is the worst since he is so big and slow but you still need to avoid close quarters like caves, buildings, tunnels. If you just jetpack around a couple of high pillars its easy game.


What level are you and are you getting in close range? just fight on pillars etc if he climbs up jump to another and then back I have beaten plenty of Behemoths without using T4 hunters and with a complete team of randoms


Then he uses his tongue, then his wall to block off your escape, then his other moves and oop, you’re dead and your team can’t help you because Behemoth refuses to get off your bod.