Any System of a Down fans here?

Hello forum,

I was bored and listening to SOAD when I realized I knew every single lyric to every single song. Anybody else here in to SOAD?

Also, I realize not everyone listens to SOAD so who is the group you love so much you can recite the songs from memory?

Yup! Got to see them play once! I hope they release a new album eventually.

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Soldier Side is like one of my all-time favourites.

I mostly like their Chop Suey song, and mostly because of a FF X AMV. (That I can’t seem to find anymore)

Lucky, I’m hoping for a new album too as well, that hiatus lasted forever >.<

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I love system of a down but I think scars on Broadway is ten times better.

I used to think daron was responsible for all the weird cooky junk that was on SOAD (banana tericana pie? Pepperoni pizza pie?) Seems like whenever they couldn’t think of lyrics they just talked about food.

But once they separated and I heard darons solo album compared to serjs…it was pretty clear who was thriving force behind soad( at least for the songs I liked the most)

Cliffs: serj needs therapy.

Since grade 8 lol I’m 24 now

My favourite song is Toxicity and Aerials

I’m listening to them now

thanks man. ;_;

His book of poetry… Gonna have to agree.

But I LOVE his voice.

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This is is another of my faves:)

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Yeah his voice is unmistakable. Even my Mexican 50 year old mom enjoys his singing.

Darons voice is terrible I don’t even know why I enjoy it. So high pitch and nasaly :frowning:
Its catchy though I guess.

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We can’t forget the best one:

##And this one!

Fot those who don’t get it, it’s a joke.
It’s NOT Serj Tankian singing.

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botdf 4 lyfe

Loved their first album, liked their second, but the last two were crap in comparison. Steal this Album is pretty fun, though. I caught them after their second album and they put on a great show. Saw them last year and they could not have been phoning it in any harder. Also, the egos on those guys are unbelievable. Still listen to their first couple albums, but I don’t expect them to make much of a comeback. Sad to say.

Sort of along the same lines, Coal Chamber is releasing an album next week. I loved all of their stuff as well as Devildriver’s first album. This new one seems more Devildriver less Coal Chamber to me and I miss Rayna, but I’ll be checking it out just the same. Oh, nineties and early 2000’s, I miss you.

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I’m seeing them this summer at Amnesia Rockfest in Quebec! 175000-200000 people rocking for three days WHOOOOOO!

I think that should have gotten the 10 char pass :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently, Walk The Moon (Shut Up and Dance) , GLaDOS (Still Alive) ,

I knew I liked you for a reason! I named my first car Rayna. I had the hugest crush on her. The she married the drummer from Sevendust. w.t.f. :wink:

Edit: I have a picture with Dez somewhere…I should find that.