Any steam players out there?


Any other steam players out there? I’m sure there are… Don’t be shy, introduce yourself.

Hi, I’m Forestlight, and I’m an Evolve Addict…


Moved your thread to the LFG section. There are lots of Steam players here. Make sure to check the pinned threads in this section for usernames and the like.


Umm… thanks? I checked the “like yours” topics and there wasn’t one… I’m sure they are out there.


I meant these topics :wink:


Hi, I’m Quirkly, and I too am an Evolve addict


Greetings. ^.-


Hi I’m LuLulzy…one of the 4 Evolve PC players.


Not sure if that’s a joke, or what…


Well the 4 of us are the only people in the thread hehe.


There are many more, they just haven’t come to the thread.


lol. Of the people I’ve “run into” on steam, none of them admitted to following the forums. So I kinda wondered what the demographics were.


Hi im Valenten and im also an Evolve addict PC Monster Race ftw


Yo, names Luq also a steam user, on another note is it possible to change your username?


Yes you can. I know you can do it in steam, and people have done it in the forums.


You have to ask a mod to do it on the forums, it’s easy to do on Steam.


@Forestlight @Shin Thanks do you know anyone that can change it for me atm, I want it to match my steam user name.


Well, steam?
Alright, @SlinkyGuy
He should be able to do it.


Yo! What do you need it changed to?


On steam, go to your profile, then “edit profile” and you can choose a new name. I think it even holds your old names as “Alternate names once used”


Yes but he wants his name changed on here! :smile: