Any spare Monster expansion pack codes ps4?


I Didn’t get mine…


You’ll need to contact your retailer.


I have… many times…


No spares?


If you didn’t get your code, the best thing to do is to contact your retailer’s customer support and work it out that way. The code should have been on either your receipt or in a conformation email when you bought the game.


I bought a hard copy so doubt whether they have my email.
wasn’t on receipt… And walmart won’t fix it they just run me in circles and finally say they can’t fix it


In that case contact 2K via email with a copy of your receipt.


whats their email?

Pre-order dlc

Start here:


If you preordered the game from Wal-mart, you would have gotten a little gamecard. It would have cost $5 dollars to preorder, and this card would knock 5 dollars off the game when you picked it up.

On the back of the code there is a web address (zreward or something similar), you go to this, and redeem your VUDU credit. Once you have done this the code will be emailed to you.

The instructions from Wal-Mart and on the card are not good at all, but this is how you redeem pre-order content from Wal-Mart. If you don’t have the card then you didn’t pre-order, and Wal-Mart will not give you the pre-order content.

I didn't receive my pre-order

Thanks for helping!


So i have to redeem the vudu in order to get the the skin and pre order bonus I will try this thanks


Thanks Mike_Nockt it worked I’m so glad. but hiding it behind a vudu code is pretty shitty of walmart to do


Yay! @Mike_Nockt saved the day!


Yeah it is a huge pain. But once you go to the site on the back of the card. Select the game you pre-ordered and then put in your email address and the VUDU code on the back of the card, it will email you a VUDU code.

Setup a VUDU account (or use your wal-mart account if you have one), and redeem your code (the one they emailed). Once I redeemed my VUDU code my pre-order showed up in my email.

It’s the only hassle with buying from Wal-Mart, every other store just gives you a physical code or emails it to you, not making you go through extra steps.


I see you already got it. Glad I could help.


I entered my ps4 monster expansion pack and goliath savage skin code. psn said it was fine but in game i’m not able to use the skin. so i’m also thinking i dont have the monster expansion anyone else with this issue?