Any Reason Why Bot Torvald Never Uses Mortars?

Is this a bug? Or is this intentional?

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Probably because the computer always has better sight than human players, so even the bot Torvald can see the Mortars are useless.

Not to mention you need to lead a target for the Mortars to deal their full damage potential. Have you ever seen a bot Hank succesfully land a good Orbital Barrage? Bots can’t lead a target for shit.


Cuz they know theyre Trashhhh
Theres a problem with the AI where they won’t use a part of their kit (Caira-Val-Laz not using heal burt, etc) that can be fixed by hotswapping to the Char and using said equipment, then it will act “Normal”


I tried that…still resulted in nothing.

Was Torvald far away from the monster or was he playing like a Parnell bot?
(Right under it, shotgun blazing)

About 30 meters. Pretty good distance away…

Then the AI is more borked than I thought. Platform?

Xbox. I mean. I’m just asking because this has been the case since his release.

Who’s burt? Why won’t they heal him? That’s just cruel…


These comments answer your question perfectly.

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Same issue on ps4

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The AI really is learning… they know how bad the mortars are…


AI is pretty smart not to use it

It is a bug and we’re going to look into it.

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Even the bots know that mortars suck now? To add insult to that injury the “Ragnarok” skin is being advertised now. Poor Torvald.