Any reason to pick Maggie now?


Between the speed nerfs to both arming & reload, plus now being reduced to 3, I just don’t see any good reason to use her anymore.


Tracking the requires little skill to use, taking stress off.
Daisy can revive do we’d teamates if left alone.
Harpoons are still very powerful CC tools.
Now that you have 3 traps you can add some decent damage to the monster in between harpoons.


Yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing too. I take the extra time between harpoons to do extra damage. I do wish her harpoons had a bit more health to make up for the loss of the extra CC the two additional harpoons gave. They might cover a larger area, but they are still only one hit and quick to be removed.


Her Harpoons already had amazing range. Not saying you are wrong about her merits, I just don’t think that is nearly enough to make up for her sluggishness. The time spent loading & arming harpoons compared to time the Monster is affected is so marginal. One of those factors needs a serious speed increase.


Harpoons are still effective… Honestly, you’d always be rotating your harpoons before, you’d rarely find 3 to be too few… If you’re placing them right you’ll just be spending more time rotating than firing (which you don’t really need to do much with Maggie anyway, as her damage output isn’t great even for a Trapper).

Pro tip: Take reload speed perk.


Her CC is the most unreliable in the game. You never know if the monster will go through your traps, and when they do, the chances of them instantly breaking the harpoon are very high. Having 5 traps increased the chances of a meaningful CC being applied. With 3 the chances that they will affect the fight in any positive way is greatly reduced.

The nerf to 3 traps with no reload or arming buffs was extreme for her I think.


Really it’s just about letting your team know so they fight in that area, rotating traps when you need to and placing your traps smartly.


I think that those who knew how to play Maggie well and monsters who fought against really good Maggies knew that this was coming. Once the insta dome happened she stayed the same. Her biggest weakness was that it was hard to land a dome, but she was god like in surviving a dome by herself let alone helping team mates. This was a perfectly acceptable nerf without really changing her.

Like all of the deployables you don’t just spam them anymore and that is good for both sides of the coin.


You had to do that before she got nerfed :stuck_out_tongue: Even with such coordination now, she is simply too slow.


a good maggie with good poon placement is a nightmare


Pre update?


pre patch and post patch


I have no trouble with the 3 poons. Besides, if you’re placing them right they’re being triggered by the Monster constantly still, and then you place them again.

I’ve still won each game of Hunt I’ve played her. I know that there are a lot of different factors that contributed to those wins, but she’s still a strong pick.


You mean in the 1 out of 10 matches when Daisy doesn’t act like a braindamaged pitbull?
Then yes, she takes some stress away.


I think Abe’s the new #1 trapper especially against Mrs.Gorgon slows her down considerably


Hey, quite a few times Daisy is smarter than you think.


Daisy for tracking a Gorgon against a wall, all the way. As for the harpoons… A good Maggie player only needs 3 harpoon traps to be efficient. She was underwhelming in the damage department however and this change should see more use in her SMG.

People will need to get used to things, sure… But once the dust settles, people will realize she’s still very much more than ok.


For daisy. And harpoon turrets.


Few reasons

  1. Harpoons traps
  2. Daisy
  3. Maggie is awesome
  4. Harpoon traps
  5. That hip sway


'Cus she has the coolest sprinting animation unmatched by any other Hunter.

Seriously though I feel like her CC is really lacking now.
Going from 5 to 3 Harpoon Traps is a very noticeable nerf and I don’t particularly think the range buff compensates for that.

In fact, the way I use the Harpoon Traps, the range buff isn’t necessarily a buff. I wouldn’t call it a nerf either, but it’s definitely a change that makes me lose some of their control.
In my opinion it’s now a lot less effective to place them at specific spots you know the Monster will try to climb or leap over soon since their range makes them trigger even when the Monster is nowhere near it.
The only way for me to still kinda determine when they’ll trigger is by being constantly aware of these Traps’ line of sight and placing them around corners and such so their range isn’t a factor. With a maximum amount of 3, this is extremely unrewarding.

Against Goliath and Behemoth, this lack of control is really noticeable.
I haven’t had a change to use them against Kraken and Wraith yet, though I suppose against these Monsters the range buff is more effective and less questionable.

Again, that’s just how I’ve used them in the past. Both the change to amount and the change to their range was a drastic reduction in control for me.
Not sure if she needed it. Theoratically this all sounds OK to me: Goliath was really struggling against Maggie while this buff should make her slightly more effective against Kraken and Wraith.
Personally I don’t see it.