Any really good artists that can help me?


So I’ve got this concept in my head for my next tattoo but I can’t draw and was seeing if anybody out there was able to maybe make a drawing of my idea. Here’s the problem, the idea sounds super complicatingly confusing. My idea is (for anybody that would like to try and lend a helping hand) Picture a couple of vines covered in thorns intertwined together into a ring. Then picture someone grabs it and pulls down while twisting it and it leaves a trail behind from the start to the end of the pull going down from the top of the arm a little above the elbow. Anybody can make a sorta visual picture that’d be nice


It might be best to discuss the idea with your tattoo artist. He/she will be able to perfect it for you until you’re happy with it.


why not ask all sorts of people first. Maybe someone here could do it better


Oh shit! Hey Dilligaf! I haven’t seen you stream in forever


@xDaRkNeZzChAoSX Can you help if you aren’t busy?


BUT, the tattoo artist is the one putting it on your body forever, don’t you want to see what they can do to see if you want them to tattoo you?


Hahaha, no offense to anyone, but the tattoo artist is going to help you a LOT more than we can. They’ve been doing it since they were young and know what things look like before they put it on you. They will make the most responsible decision based on your criteria, and then BOOM. It’s on your body forever!


all I wanted some some creative concept ideas from people and all I get is negative “ask the artist” crap. Maybe I don’t want to go all the way there for him/her to not be able to think up a drawing or to be dissappointed on their take of it.


I think it isnt good if i draw it because if the tattoo looks Bad or he didnt like it was my fault. Its much better if he ask his Tattoo Artist ^^

and because of the Concept art im very slow at drawing and i already work on a new Artwork ( not Evolve ) xD


Don’t get dissapointed, they just want you to be happy with it :slight_smile: I’d just ignore the comments you don’t need. And wait for the people that may give her a go. I don’t blame you for wanting a visual to go with your idea.