Any PS4 Tournaments?

Anyone know of any PS4 tournaments or any plans of one?

nothing right now

Sounds like the community will need to create one?

Yep. I’d be up for one if we can get one going.

Yep, I’ll make one. I just needed to make sure there wasn’t one already. Check the forums tonight or tomorrow to sign up. I’m going to allow teams to have a fifth member if someone wants to just play monster, if anybody has any other ideas to implement that would be helpful.

something like this really needs to kick off so sony knows there IS a community backing Evolve tournament play cuz as it is its only Xbox and PC. IV been waiting a long while for some competitive Evolve. any one looking for a dedicated support player hit me up. PSN name ITZRACE

there was one. the dgl. and it died horribly. gamebattles has one currently but i think its much more casual then anything. the tourney at then end barely happened. not even sure if it did happen.

other than that. i can barely assemble a team. ppl are playing other games now.

Yeah for sure, honestly we need more live streamers. I’d be open to letting people come into observer mode every match if we can find someone willing to shout cast

I got a small team of like 3 people, we had more, but they left while we stayed dedicated to Evolve. You’re free to join us as any role if you like to show us your stuff. More detail would be displayed if you’re interested, or If you would just like to play sometime my PSN is Pureray- :smile:

at this point ill join. i had 6 and not a single one responded. and they were from the fb group and i think some on here.

me and my brother play. he mains support. I can play anything. I prefer medic alot but im a monster main.

we also won the first 2 dgl tournies and iv never lost as monster in competitive lol.

The only tourny right now is GBa, it’s pretty casual, only 2-3 teams can actually play at the real competitive level.

im just lookin for a team I can work well with. I run support only. wanted to master a class to do well. PSN name ITZRACE. hit me up if u need a support

anybody looking for a PS4 tournament, I just started one at this link

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