Any pro goliath players with vids/guides/


see title

kraken flies (eww)

wraith is sneaky panzy

real men goliath


i just won a stage1 fight with goliath using only charge 3 in 4:00

goliath needs to use sneak at some point to win. he’s not slow like people think though.

try to ambush pounce somebody away from the group. bucket is always a target.

if you can get the hunters running around an impassable rocky outcrop this will often split them up. use this to your advantage with pounces and charges.


that was not very indepth but ty for the tip


you can use his rock throw like a mortar, if you aim it over a ledge IE dam power plant you can use it as indirect fire (use smell to aim)

and also remember that 3 of the jumps is pretty much the same as warp. you also have the leap attack and charge to move about too