Any plans for more Kraken nerfs?


He’s the only one that can consistently Stage 1 wipe, all other Monster it takes work, Kracken with masteries is just too strong. Can we have him changed so that his base state without masteries is his new state with masteries?


He’s just too fast imo, he dodges most attacks; and controls the battlefield too easily.


Oh man I can’t wait for him to get nerfed. Everything feels so perfect right now apart from Kraken. I love fighting all the monsters and hunters equally apart from that stupid flying space squid. Hurry up with that micro patch TRS :’( Personally I think he needs to be slower and needs to run out of stamina when flying faster during combat.

He can keep the lightning strike damage as it can be easily dodged by a Hunter boosting forwards but at the same time that Vortex needs a smaller radius. It is too wide at level 3 to really counter. I have personally tried boosting away from it a lot of times only to be clipped by some invisible aura box around it. It just gets a little boring trying to get to it only to be rejection juggled away. Maybe have assault shield, or support shield defend against it? It needs some kind of tactical counter.


his abilities are fine, the problem are the masteries, perks and buffs.


The ‘c’ in kracken is OP, hope it gets nerfed soon!

I will admit though, I do have the hardest time against kraken with my public games. He’s always floating about and difficult to pin down. Not that I’m complaining, just saying pub games are hard against kraken.


Kraken could lose a bar of health and armor to bring it more in balance with the other monsters. Also there’s a bug where lightning and aftershock no longer slow the Kraken down as they should. Banshee mines are slightly too spammable.

But the main issue is wildlife perks. 50% cooldown is basically 50% more dps. 35% damage from Sloth is a big one too, which Krakens can hunt without taking damage.

I don’t get where people say Kraken is fast. He only gets to use 2 out of 3 transversals and they don’t boost him forward very much.


They’re fixing his movement. Looking into his LS and Banshee mines as well.


As a Kraken main, banshee mines are deffo OP.

It’s a very low skill ability and I consistently outdamage lightning strike with it.

I don’t spam them and my placement is pretty good, which means I constantly do 12-14k damage with them.

It’s the easiest monster ability to do 12k damage with, hands down.


I only have banshee at 1 point. never really liked them since most hunters easily shoot them off.

I’m all about that max LS and AS.



Kraken has a few movement speed bugs on a couple abilities and bugged flight in combat, then people start screaming nerfs to things that have literally been that way since release.


You are missing out.

Minimum of 2 in banshee mines is essential for me. And 2 only if I feel like taking aftershock.

They are incredibly powerful.

It’s true that hunters can shoot them. But hunters can’t shoot them if they can’t see them.

The trick is to assess which way the hunters are looking and drop the mines behind them so they creep up on them.


Half his glide speed, keep dash speed the same. I think this would fix it


See but I have been saying this shit from release, it’s just that people are now catching on and playing Kracken more. I hate to be that guy, but I saw this from the start.


People won’t be happy until the only viable Monster is a Reaver you can kill in 3 shots :weary:


Once his LS and AS speeds are fixed, and he drops more in combat then he’ll be fine. The problem is he can strafe in the air so fast while barraging abilities down on the hunters, and if you’re doing it right you will never land. If he’s changed so he drops slowly in combat then that will solve most of the problems. It’s not his damage or health/armour that’s broken, it’s his ability to completely avoid a ton of damage.


Banshee mines aren’t that great they’re just easy to use. The Hunters can shoot them let’s not forget. If they choose not to, that’s their fault.


If by ‘solves most problems’ you mean he becomes as crap as Goliath is now, then yes. Kraken has the biggest weakspot of all Monsters, by a large margin. Use it. Or if you don’t want to put forth the effort, Val + Crow is good for infinite Stage 1 fights.


Goliath isn’t bad, he’s just really really clunky which makes things difficult. If his clunkyness was smoothed out he would be fine.

As it is perma flight in combat isn’t balanced, it needs to be addressed in one way or another, it just renders too much of the hunters kits useless. Literally the only thing to do is have everyone shoot at his head.


If they want perk diversity nerf krakens hitboxes
Otherwise i’ll stick with jetpack recharge on every hunter
The risk of not having that perk are too high.


If he were to get a walking speed boost and/or melee (not ranged) speed boost, then I’d be ok with more ground fights. As it stands, staying aloft is the only thing Kraken has going for it.