Any pictures of the tier 4 hunters?


I’ve only seen the silhouettes, but a friend told me that there is a picture of them in action. Can anyone link me? I really wanna see the trapper with the bird.


I have been searching but so far nothing. Would like to know myself.


No pictures yet, your friend is incorrect I’m afraid.


Dang. The picture he described was very vivid and he’s not the type to lie. He said that it was a shot from behind and they were facing a Goliath. He said that the trapper was being picked up by his bird. He discovered it on the Reddit forums on his phone, but didn’t save it. I tried looking on there, but I’m not familiar on how to navigate that site.


Only the silhouettes.


I was looking at the Destructoid review and there is a picture where they’re all on the ship before dropping and there is a guy with a mask on.


thats an ai soilder u get in evacuation


expect to here more about them after we get more info on behemoth or around the same time


I’m just desperate. I really wanna see that trapper.