Any PC players?


I’ve been reading a lot about people talking about consoles but I haven’t seen anyone mention playing on PC. Am I alone? :frowning:


Nope, here’s the list:


Nope! I’m on PC too! Here is the steam user list for more people too: SteamID Usernames

Edit: Ninja’d by @Plaff again. Well played sir!


No you are not alone, my good man! There are plenty of people who play on the PC (myself included!) and we have a thread here specifically for people like. . .

Aw darn it, Plaff you beat me to the punch!


Thank you everyone, I should have done a search! :blush:


There is an Evolve Steam group that has been set up as well.


I joined the group! If anyone wants to prep for evolve toss me an invite sometime!


PC Master Race reporting in


I’ll almost exclusively be playing on PC. Look for the TheGentlemanSquirell!


My brotha!


PC forever :slight_smile:


I’m a politically correct player to!


Hmm, coined “Pro-liath” AND is a PC Player?

Heads over to steam friends list…


<-- PC all the way.


I’ll update the Steam Thread tomorrow, so be sure to post your SteamIDs in there if you want it to be known.


will do, thanks!


Likewise, I will be lurking for now and playing exclusively on my PC. Here’s to epicness when the date arrives!


Yep, definitely playing on PC as well. Just got a 27 inch monitor recently so I am excited to see how Evolve looks on it.


PC FTW haha


PC is where its at