Any other twitch streamers going to be streaming evolve?


My twitch is, but I was wondering if any other streamers are going to be streaming so that we could potentially play as hunters .

Currently Steam Streaming

Maddcow will be streaming along with a few other forum users.

Several users were picked for their helpfulness on the forums, who will be given access to the preview build until February 9th. I know me and several other leaders and Moderators were given access as well-- we’re all patiently waiting for instructions. And yes, we will stream, and answer any and all questions. And we’re probably going to make little tests ( for an example, finding out if bots can see monsters who hide in bushes ) among other things.

Before anyone asks-- it’s the TRS devs that picked users they thought deserved thanks in the form of access to the preview build.


Yeah, I think thats the first I have heard of it on the forums… I guess it is ok to confirm then that I will also have early access for being passionate about Evolve and being a strong community member. Cant wait for further instructions :stuck_out_tongue:


Most of us kept hush-hush, but I think it’s about time we come out of the dark. Now’s a good time to add each other on steam to organise streams and play sessions.


I totally agree, I want to play several early access rounds with all my fellow forum buddies! Feel free to add me, steam id Peirs_Pryce… I look forward to several fun matches with you guys!


Dang, I guess I didn’t make the cut :l


Dont feel bad, from what I understand it is a very small group, almost negligable


Well, then, yeah, a couple of us got it, i assume most of us in here got in.


you guys think early access will start monday? What do you think it will include, just the beta build or full game? Do you think unlocks will transfer?


The deadline is basically monday, i think its full game, maybe excluding servers, but who knows.

And no, i really doubt so, thatd be unfair for the rest of the PC community.


If this is okay to do now…I’m just going to throw this out there: @Morfistro_Morfistro made it in.


It’s been okay to say you were invited to the Preview Build since you got the email, actually. It was explicitly written that you were allowed to tell people, but that you had to make sure they knew you were handpicked because you deserved the opportunity.

Furthermore, I’m pretty sure this Preview Build is the same one that streamers were given-- so all features should be in. I’m fairly certain it’ll be updated frequently until release-- so we can keep forum users updated on the changes and how they feel.

As for when it releases, I’m assuming Sunday at 9:00PM PST or the day after, since that’s the very latest deadline we had to reply to the invite email.


I feel it will be open Monday until Feb 9th. It will be similar, if not the same, build as the press release one floating around. So Evac and all that. Don’t know if everything will be unlocked at the start. I know that the press release one they needed to unlock T2 and T3.


I just didnt want the forums to explode at me with negativity!


Actually, i did tell you not to make a fuss about it xD

Now that i think of it, why did i ask that to you…


Well look around you! You expected malice and all you found was members who made it in as well! Aren’t you glad you revealed yourself now? P:


Aw… I wish I had made the cut for the Preview streams…

I’ll be streaming as soon as release comes out, hoping to make a giveaway out of it as well for some games I have in surplus.

I’m going to work on Elite Kraken.

If anyone wants to add me my ID is @DotaSicrux on Steam. :smile:


As soon as people notice this is real, they will come onto us with OMG and such or ‘‘you deserved it’’ thats my guess for the future.


I am just hoping unlocks will transfer… :stuck_out_tongue: but they probably wont


Y’know, you’re not helping me stop this initial burst of anger for not getting in.