Any other hunters sick of the direction this game is going?


Am I the only one sick of low-to-no skill players taking the challenge out of the game for hunters?

Yes, some monsters are still out of my league. Ones who know where every buff, every single possible spawn, perfected to fractions of seconds their combos, with 85-90% skill shot accuracy. (FormationHD, f*ck your mad skills bro lol)

Anything out of top 100? Not really a challenge when I get my normal team together. If I lose, I or my teammates killed ourselves, in all but the rarest situation.

No, not because I’m world class. It’s due to the overall prevalence of hunters who turn b*tch the instant they come up against something they can’t figure out in 5 games. Hit the forums so Damn fast it’s Like they get a clairvoyant vision that they’ll stroke out if that don’t come to demand the devs remove whatever’s causing their sandpapered vagina symptoms.

If this feels Like it’s about you, it probably is. Your name was left out to abide the rules that keep me from holding you accountable for your lack of testicular fortitude.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels the game is being destroyed by hunters that can’t get that they are suppose to require skill to win rather than just shear numbers and firepower.


“Oh Trapper you’re down? Here let me help you up! As Support”

Has a Laz two feet away with his glove out


Haha, made me chuckle

Seems you got a thing for modest area related humour


Not sure if “destroyed” is the word I’d use but I do see a lot of whining on the forums/hear it on the mics and the nerfs on both sides sometimes seems really heavy handed. Especially when a Monster gets the nerf bat. Hunters start getting gud to deal with the Monster, Monster gets nerfed, suddenly the Hunters look freakin overpowered since they’ve developed strats to deal with the stronger version.


Conveniently ignores that there just 3 weeks ago there were just as many “Nerf Sunny/Slim/Torvald/Gobi” threads…Relax they are working on balancing.


I actually posted in those conveniently forgotten threads.

Speaking in FAVOR of it. Instead:

  • Hyde gets to throw grenades anywhere with no thought.
  • Torvald gets a bigger proximity explosion with grenades.
  • Parnell gets DOUBLE accuracy with rockets.
  • Val gets a massive self heal boost.
  • Sunny gets a bigger proximity explosion with her death cannon to compensate for the nerfs.

Monsters however?

  • Kraken gets LS speed slowed down
  • All monsters get increased melee cool down.
  • Several key perks and buffs are nerfed

The only real nerf that wasn’t offset was Slim spore cannon. And even as a colorblind individual, even I can vouch that once you get used to moving in and out of the cloud, it’s not that bad. In fact colorblind people are the only ones who should maybe request that ability be altered.

So either pay attention to whose cries for help are being listened to, or sit down and let the adults talk.


Furthermore, that was happening after Wraith was destroyed, goliath was bonked, and while behemoth was bugged.

The ONLY harsh nerf to hunters so far was Markovs mines.

When I, as only an above average hunter (not superb), can consistently dominate monsters in my skill range with teammates also on my skill level ( not 48-52% of the time, but 75-85% of the time–meaning decisive wins, not even close ones-- and they’re still altering in FAVOR of my team, that’s not balancing. That’s pandering to the unskilled.

When my brother and I have to play public in order to come up even, it’s saying a LOT.


Wait Goliath being bonked? You mean when they slowed down his traversals because all people were doing was running around Arena’s at Every stage? Other than that he hasn’t been touched.

Markov’s mines go nerfed
Maggies Harpoons got the same nerf
Slim’s Damage nerfed
Cabot’s Railgun nerfed
Torvalds damage nerfed
Sunny’s nuke damage nerfed
Shield drone’s health getting nerfed
Sunny’s jetpack booster getting nerfed
Slims’s spore cloud getting nerfed

The only monster that got nerfed hard was the Wraith. Goliath had a minor tweak and Behemoth got buffed. Kraken, well that’s a clusterfuck right now but they buffed him right before they broke him.

But please tell me how hard it is on the monster players you must be on PS4


Honestly Evolve has turned into a game of S&M for me. Get placed in a bad pub team and get smashed repetitively by a rude monster or I get monster and everyone leaves after two matches. and on the rare occasion I get a good premade team the loss or win feels bittersweet, such build up just for one side to make one fatal mistake and simply die, the end.


@ OP

Deceptive title: actually wining anyone who sees a Hunter as underpowered or a Monster as overpowered apparently.

Make an actual argument next time if you want to talk balance.


There is a way to fix this, and we already got a confirmation that it aint gonna happen soon…

it is called:

Ranked matchmaking next to casual matchmaking :smiley:


Hyde’s toxic grenades have a slightly large cooldown, hence why they are testing out, having it without slow, before it had less cooldown and spamming them was an option, hence the slow.


That was the goliath nerf I was talking about. That’s why I said bonked (lighthearted) rather than nuked or destroyed. Like Wraith.

Magic mines are destroyed.

Maggie nerf, minimal.

Slim, sunny and Cabot were simply taken back enough to apply damage suitable for their class. Not actually weakened beyond that. Imo.

Torvald. Nerves to the extent that his damage is… Still on par with a tip tier Parnell. Lol

Sunny I concede. Though now her nuke is easier to hit.

Slim, they nuked a very underpowered ability.

None of those except Markov really did anything that made people have to reconsider or play differently. Monsters have all had that, though.

Behemoth didn’t get buffed. He got un-bugged. Difference.

Kraken was altered with the intent to be grounded. If that had worked Right, HUGE nerf. Wraith quality nerf as air range is her primary weapon. Agreed however that she’s currently a cluster fuck and a half.

Yes, I’m on ps4. And, given that we have a distant lead in community size, I’d say that our opinions and experiences should good a but more weight than a distant second or dying third place.


Community size doesn’t mean squat.


Most of the nerfs that you say did nothing actually helped the tournament community, Maggie and Markov’s nerfs stopped people spamming deployables faster than Goliath could kill them. It wasn’t fair to Goliath players. Torvald players were only mortat spamming, now a good Torvald throws Shrapnel, then mortars, then shotgun.

Kraken was originally slowed in the air by Tranqs/Stasis but they changed that so Kraken now gets pulled out of the air and flight speed remains constant. You are right that this kills a Kraken if it hits the ground. Tournament level Krakens figured out that your in combat air burst traversal recharges quicker than the rate at which the Tranq/Stasis can pull you down. That means it’s easy to never get slowed since you’ll never touch the ground. Changing how Tranqs/Stasis works on Kraken was not a nerf it was a buff.

Sunny’s nukes getting proximity buffs is for the same reason Hyde’s Toxic Grenades got a buff. Against Kraken not being slowed, it was tough to hit airborne targets.

If you look at PUGS stats it looks about even in terms of who is winning. When you look at tournament level play a couple of the last ESL tournaments had something like 70-80% monster wins. Being in a community that doesn’t have that prevents you from seeing all sides.


Even most monsters I play against will admit the Markov nerf was bullshit. What the fuck does spam have to do with damage AND heath. Don’t want them spammed? Increase cool down. Like Maggie. Destroying damage, health AND arm time was borderline plain fuckin braindead. They didn’t balance him, they DESTROYED his viability, even by their own almighty uber- precious telemetry.

Maggie? Arm time. One second. You can Still throw just as fast, just as often. You just need, what, 3% better prediction ability or spam them in slightly less obvious location? I still manage anywhere from 20-35 harpoon traps a game (average is 11, at least on ps4) and still hover around average damage.

Lol, tournament quality kraken? Either you’re high as he’ll or I really overestimate what it takes to be called tournament quality because only the. Most. Shit. Krakens. Period. Ever touches the ground. Art last for more than a second, two tops. If it worked like intended, crow or abe would DESTROY him.

Then sunny players need to more easily hit Kraken!? They can already kill GOD in a relay fight providing they’re competent. Half the boost? Okay. Capacity Perk will fix that.

Again, except for Markov, none had a buff that critical affected their play style.

But that aside, your tournament argument is asinine. You think having tournaments meant your community is the only one that has tournament tier players? Lol, I’ve played them. I’ve beat them. I’ve got my ass handed to me. They exist, probably much more numerous just based on size proportion. The fact we haven’t been catered to with early downloads and tournaments for financing development doesn’t change that.

Second: your top tier should, by odds alone, be dominated by monster. In the highest tier, you’re not competing on skill itself as much as who accidentally ducks up first. It’s like trying to play chess with two kings and two pawns. You don’t so much as beat them at that level as one side overlooks and makes a slight mistake. Then the other team capitalizes.

4 players == 400% more likely to have a mistake on your team == winning about 1/499th the time == 75% monster wins.


I agree with this. But right now they don’t work. Shit Krakens touch the ground, but mediocre ones just hover around, either missing targets or it’s easier to just Train around a mobile arena until you hit Stage 3 where the monster is supposed to have the advantage. Once they fix the CC stuff I feel Kraken will be fine. They may have to adjust the rate at which that stuff pulls him down but its hard to tell with everything else being broken.

The Markov mine nerf (other than the extra arm time) was overreaching. I don;t know the exact reasoning behind it but I feel like if monsters were dumb enough to run into the giant red circle, they deserved it.

As to your argument about these nerfs not affecting playstyle I believe you are only half correct. The Developers have even said that in tournament level play is where you will see a difference. The only people who would were people spamming those tactics. To general players 1 second doesn’t make a difference.

Also the half boost isn’t in capacity, you lose 50% boost acceleration.

And having a tournament community does make a difference. Unless you all on PS4 play Custom Matches, elite wildlife off, fair weather on only a handful of maps. You see monsters that always run straight for buffs at distinct disadvantages having no clue what to do.

Your example of 400% and 1/499th justifying 75% monster wins isn’t correct math. Either way this game shoots for 50% win rates anyway so in one tournament seeing a higher number may not be a cause for concern, but that number isn’t coming down. (Keep in mind these numbers may be skewed due to the large number of Kraken players)


Please dont undermine the difficulty of playing as a monster. You make it sound like monsters have it easy because hunters got nerfed. When in reality, those nerfs only prove that things were overly dificult for monster. And they still are seeing as how hunters keep getting nerfed.

Also, if you are gonna quote that guy about the 75% monster win rate, you should quote MacMan’s answer. he clearly stated that the only reason tournament monsters win that much is because they use exploits and/or OP combos in ways they were not intended to be used. Not to mention that ppl seem to always pick the overpowered monster of the week. Its not like the majority are picking the “balanced” ones.


No I play monster too, I don’t run into too much difficulty, probably about as much as I do when I play hunter. And when looking at the last ESL cup

When Goliath was picked more than Kraken things ended up being about 50%


That is quite annoying… People do it to troll sometimes as well.

Tell them not to revive you over mic because Laz is coming, they ignore you; then do it anyways.