Any Other Furries out There?


I’m just wondering. I’ve been pretty open about me being a Furry so I’d like to know if anybody else is one as well. It’s ok if you don’t want to publicly announce it, you can simply PM me. I’m looking for others, similar to me, who’d like to talk about that kinda stuff. I’ll end up moving everything over to a PM so that the conversations can be a little more private.


If you discuss furries leave ALL yiffing/porn out of it. This is a family friendly site.


Re-opened but I too encourage everyone that participates in the thread to behave. With any form of cosplay…there is always the porn element. That goes without saying with EVERYTHING, although with furries it tends to stand out as a key feature. Lets steer clear of that kind of thing. As far as this thread is concerned, it’s just animal cosplay and people making really great looking mascot costumes!


So, let’s start off fresh then. @Terry_Locke you still around?


Yeah, I am. Sorry about getting your thread closed, it just didn’t occur to me


You’re fine. I was also part of the cause, so no worries.


Alright. So anyway, fresh start. Anything you want to talk about?


When did you realize or start getting into being a Furry?


I think I’ve liked furries since I was little. I used to watch a lot of movies with technically furry characters (Disney’s Robin Hood, 101 Dalmatians, Balto, etc). But I only found out what they were when I was thirteen just browsing the internet


It’s a similar situation for me. I always loved animals and really enjoyed seeing them and being around them. I hadn’t really discovered what a being a Furry meant until last year. That’s when I really got into it and started enjoying doing that stuff.


I am :stuck_out_tongue:



Welcome to the club!


Im now sick to my stomach :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Why’s that?



furries are gross man :stuck_out_tongue:


Seriously? That’s disappointing to hear.


Im just buggin’ with ya.

Im a sergal.


I don’t consider myself a “furry” per se, but as a character artist, I’ve always found drawing furry and anthro characters far more interesting and fun than regular human characters.


I’ve never heard of a sergal before. What is it?


Similar with me. I find writing about animals that have human characteristics a lot more fun and interesting.