Any other Big Brother fans here?

Just curious if there are any other Big Brother fans here. If so, what are your thoughts on BB17 thus far? Thanks.

I am on Team Johnny!

I liked Austin, but he pulled a Brendan/Devin…shame.

Yeah, Austin was one of my favs too. Still, I feel like he can redeem himself. How do you feel about Vanessa?

I hate hearing how they don’t want to get their hands dirty.


Ikr? I don’t feel like they know what game they’re on. However, I still really like Vanessa. The one I dislike the most is Meg. Sooooooo annoyingggggggg. :sob:

She’s ok. I’m glad Da and Audrey are gone. Those are the only two that bugged me.

I love BB but this season has taken a nosedive for me. Both Da’vonne and Audrey being gone has killed the show and feeds for me. Then Jeff also going means the more entertaining people have gone even though I disliked Jeff.

I’m glad they’re gone. They were terrible players. :slight_smile:

I liked Jeff, but I think he played too hard and wasn’t paying attention to what was going on around him.

Oh yeah they weren’t good players but I value someone being entertaining more then someone being a good player. Like Derrick last season great player but super dull and boring to watch hence making BB16 the most boring season.

Ohhh I LOVED watching Derrick! Best player to date. I miss Britney’s DR’s though.

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Big Brother?


Agreed. Is it bad that I barely started watching Big Brother half way through last season? I came in right after Amber was evicted.

OMG I can’t believe they kept Austin.

Well unless something big happens Meg, James, Jason, and John will be picked up in quick succession. :confused:

Steve is like a snake.
Nobody pays attention to him until he strikes.

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Think so? They haven’t shown him much.

Might be strategy.

Johnny Mack is the real threat I think.

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I like how everyone in the beginning was thinking he was a big deal.
And then all the house guests forgot about him. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Poor guy seems lonely. :confused:

Oh and the kiss Austin gave Liz. :open_mouth:
I feel so bad for that guy, more so when he gets to watch all this. :confounded:

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Yas, totally. Imagine how his family and friends feel watching it happen. :sob:


He did? I haven’t watched it yet. We don’t have cable so I catch it the next day.

That sucks, I was hoping he’d shake things up. I liked him.

Ohhhhhh, my bad. Didn’t mean to spoil anything. Sorry. :confused:

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must go capture a Great Jaggi.