Any One Piece fans?


So One Piece has been a favorite of mine every since I stayed up late at night watching it when I was younger. If anyone was ever into it, even for a short amount of time, what did you all think of it and where did you leave off?

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I love One Piece! I don’t read the Manga but up until recently I was caught up on the show. Blurring out possible spoilers for those that aren’t caught up. The last thing I saw was Luffy about to fight the giant toy soldiers while he was on his way to fight Don Flamingo. One Piece was actually the anime that forced me to transition from english dubs to Japanese dubs.


Yeah man same here. Just wait. It gets awesome. Expect like eight tragic back stories and lots of coolness


Currently caught up on the Japanese airing. Love the show.

@warpathchris english subbed is the only way I can even watch anime anymore.


I came here expecting someone to ask about prebuilt fans xD

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I honestly couldn’t get into the show. The animation bugged me for some reason, and I just didn’t enjoy the characters overall. Don’t hate me ;-;


Nah the animation is god awful man. I read it. It’s a lot better that way


I’m a one piece fan! Its been soooo good as of late. Good to see some fellow fans :3 .


Agreed luffy’s dubbed voice is atrocious.


kaido is a monster/god


I watched the dubbed up to around the Alabasta arc, where the dubbed episodes ran out. So i had to swap to the subbed, which was weird for a while with the differences in voices

Also, cam’t wait for the new arc (not gonna give any spoilers about what its like), but the new enemy looks badass


I knew he’d be tough but like he literally can’t die. Also, why don’t you drown yourself?


I used to watch the show when I was younger but haven’t gone back to it. I love the characters though.


been slackin lately. but im 3 chapters off of the manga.

I think that last arc was insane lol. wasnt better than the pirate war tho. that part hits all the feels.