Any one know if evolve will be on sale?


For the people that have played evolve when it was in alpha/beta will it be on sale for a period of time for them? I loved the game when me and my friends played it on alpha, we played enough to where we all unlocked 2 skins/characters and i was almost half way through the 3rd one.

But I’m 20$ from being able to buy the game on steam. that’s why I’m wondering if it will be on sale.


Most likely not until after the game has been out for a while. You can try other sites but not all is a guarantee. GMG usually sells for 20% less.

#3 Create Account. Add Evolve to Basket for $60. Enter promo code: EVOLVE-THANKS-25OFFX to get a 25% discount. Makes it $48.

Usually 0-5 days before the game’s release, GMG will send you the Steam Key. You open Steam, goto “ACTIVATE PRODUCT ON STEAM”, enter the code, and boom, it’s in your library (but you gotta download it). If/when TRS allows for the final game to be preloaded, you can then do so at that time.