Any one have gorgon pictures of her swinging with a web from the front


i need it for a drawing of stuff


Not exactly what you wanted but close


Here ya go!


Except Gorgon doesn’t use webs for traversals…


the spooder swing or as people say spider man swing


That’s not web.


what is it then


It’s her claw/hand/whatever you want to call it.


wait the her hand streches like those rubber toys o_o


Yes, that’s what she uses for her whip attack and that is the best comparison I’ve ever heard in my life.


this picture
she uses organs
is the arm hole damage effects?
or is it always like that


She has a super stretchy inner hand. Her tendons stretch to allow her to use it that way.


actually that sounds really cool


Her hand only stretches away/dislocates itself when she traverses or uses it as a whip.


how does it go back in though?
does it do that with that heavy punch aswell?


I don’t think it extends for the heavy but it retracts very quickly.


no webs


one question does it hurt gorgon or does it feel nothing this is not a health bar question


I would assume not, seeing as how it should be adapted to use his hand like that.


It’s super handy for those lazy days on the couch when you don’t want to get up to get the remote.

I don’t think she feels anything. Except satisfaction at reaching her goal.