Any one else having issues with NVIDIA shadowplay in Evolve?


Alt +z should open up Nvidia Share menu i have beta instlled … it works in all other games Evolve its kinda works sometimes sometimes it doest … i want to record… ( I can do it with OBS but i prefer shadow play)

anyone ?


hmm… my guess is this: maybe you have some other client open, like Epic Games Launcher for Paragon that makes it confused. The idea is, that Share from GeForce Experience is looking to hook itself into an app that uses hardware acceleration and for some reason, it latches onto something that is not going full screen.


The game has to be in Fullscreen. not Fullscreen (Windowed) or Windowed mode, so make sure you don’t have it on either of those two.


i restarted my system seems to have fixed it the onscreen menu for shadowplay pops up fine now… may be some background processes crashed…