Any one Elited Battlecabot?

anyone? 20characters

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Not even worth it, I’d rather play Kala.

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ok then
2 thing wrong with your argument

  1. using kala as an insult is fucked up as she is deadly
  2. saying that a class is ‘not worth it’ is not even going to change peoples’ opinions, Qaira sucks but we saw a metric shit ton of her last week

Not even. I’ll try reddit to see if anyone had manage so.

Qaira is bae. If only we were able to dodge in the fields.

recently looked at reddit before this one and there is already a person asking this
ill ask one of steam friends as they like babot

#BaeQaira :heart:

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If i wouldnt need to work i probably wouldve elited him already… I personally like him very much.
But you need so much concentration while playing him…

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No one will ever elite Babot MUHAHAHAHAHA