Any non-quick death PC FPS games out there?


I am dying for a first person shooter like TF2. But so far, almost all of them are like COD/BF/CS where you die in less then second (not to mention that every weapon instakills on a headshot, bah). So I was wondering if there are any FPS’s out there where you have to shoot your target a little longer before he dies? I’ve already played the following games so you won’t need to list those:

-Planetside 2
-BRINK (dead anyway)
-Gotham city Imposters
Left 4 dead and left 4 dead 2
-monday night combat and super monday night combat
-Natural Selection 2
-Tribes: Ascend
-all of the quake arenas and unreal tournaments

Please, let somebody know if there is an pvp FPS out there where you don’t die in a second :frowning:


Halo. I personally prefer Halo: Reach, but it’s all personal preference in the Halo Universe.


oh yea, i forgot to mention PC only.


Halo 1 :stuck_out_tongue: since it’s on PC.


Also I believe Unreal Tournament 3 is still going. Though it’s been a year, so maybe not. check into it to make sure before taking my word on that.


Yea, sorry, but Halo 1 is a bit too old and I mentioned that I’ve already played all of the unreal tournament games.




Thanks, but I’m looking for a pvp fps.


You can duel in Borderlands lol :stuck_out_tongue:


How dare you already list all the ones I was going to mention!

Um, let’s see what we have in my list. . .

Well the only one I can see which you didn’t mention was CS:GO which is pretty good!

Oh and Awesomenauts but that’s not really an FPS! :stuck_out_tongue:


CS:GO you die in 1 second and every weapon pretty much kills in 1 headshot. Im sick and tired of games like that.

And yea, awesomenauts aint an fps


Tribes: Ascend is worth a try if you’ve never played it.


I’ve been playing Nosgoth.

It’s a third person however, although reminds me of a Gears of War type game mixed with other elements.

Definitely no one shot killing going on since the game is damage based and such. It’s definitely not a main stream type game and is still in Beta so it has it’s issues, mostly with matchmaking right now but it does offer something different than your typical Counter-Strike or other partners.

I paid $5 for the veteran early access pack and don’t regret it, it’s a fun game when you do play it since you can eat people…What’s not to love about that.

Here’s an 8minute video with some gameplay of the Vampire side from me streaming it.

Nosgoth Deceiver Gameplay


Woops, forgot to mention tribes in the list. Played it, not really my thing.


I’m currently playing Nosgoth. It’s pretty good, though I dont really enjoy the vampire side. Also, you NEED 3 other people to play it with past lvl 10 ><


While not a fps and there can be 1 shot kills, I recommend TLOU multiplayer. Really slowed down take on multiplayer.


not sure if its on PC. but that plants vs zombies for consoles game wasnt actually half bad. its close up third person with a few characters that go into first person.


Yup, missed the PC only post. My bad


Yeah, like I mentioned in that previous post, it definitely does have issues.

I made friends in that game fast, so typically when I play it’s either 4 of us in one lobby together, or 8 of us.

Most games now a days are best played with friends who understand the game and it’s mechanics, rather than randomly assigned pub players who are solo and run around in circles screaming save me Tom Cruise.


Titanfall? Sorry to bust up the indie/valve party with a AAA but I’m able to stick around in that game usually.