Any News or Ideas on Season 3?


I so happy that we finally got season 2 but am super anxious and curious about season 3! My big question is will there be a season three? I was also wonder how the story plays on with Kala. I just hope that turtlerock just wont give up on the game unlike one of my favorite hidden gem games, kameo 2 I almost had you, ;-; why rare why! sorry! I heard that there still working on the adaptations which I’m excited for, yay! One cool suggestion I have for season 3 is a brand new map! How cool does that sound! That’s all I got to say and if any one else has some ideas or news please tell me!


There’s been quite a few threads on this, so it might get moved, but I totally agree a third Hunting Season would be awesome!!! :grinning:
I’d happily buy any new Evolve content!!! They’re definitely focusing on adaptions right now, they’ve said there will be adaptions for Tiers 2 and 3. Since we just got Elder Kraken we’ll get Hyde, Lazarus, Griffin and Bucket next (most likely, the order they will come in is uncertain) and then probably Wraith before the tier 3 Hunter’s.
I would love a whole new set of Hunter’s and a new Monster though. :smile:


On one hand, I sure welcome new Evolve content.

On the other hand, I fear that the new hunters won’t feel as original as previous do. I’ve always admired TRS for making each character feel unique (you can hardly precisely describe a character saying they X character, just with Y [well, aside variations of course]), but I don’t know how much more can be done without spoiling that.


Yeah I think that a hunter that had mortars and was a cyborg would be bad ass.


As there has been no word yet as to if there’s going to be another season pass, I’m sure many would love for this to happen.

I trust TRS to keep the characters fresh and interesting. If anyone could handle that it’s them.


Maps won’t come out with a season pass. Remember,they stated all future maps will be free of charge.

I don’t doubt that they have a map or two in the making for a future update eventually.


That’s what I was thinking season 3 four or five hunt maps that’s all I need.