Any news on what is going to get released?


Hello community how are you all? Hope the life of you all is good also the hunting for that matter.

It’s been a while to be honest since i posted a thread here. I’m making my progress in the game slowly but it’s going there.

I only wanted to get the feedback from you ladies and gents about if there are any news in new stuff in the making for the game? I know that DLC was released not long ago but that doesn’t stop the evolving process of things. Are there any news towards new monster or even hunters? Maybe new maps or a ranking system or even a system that would reward the player for being on the top of the game or by unlocking certain features?

Those rewards could be skins, new characters etc?

I’m just asking if the devs have a new project coming up because i haven’t been here for a while.

Much appreciated for the feedback take care you all and happy hunting LYLT!


I’m expecting t5 this Summer since t4 ‘season’ pass was in Spring. I just wish we would get 3 different monsters and 8-12 hunters each season instead of 1 monster and 4 hunters.


Thank you for the feedback HerbalistGoesPvP and sorry for the late reply…well i guess monsters or hunters don’t get released in larger numbers in order for players to enjoy each of them at a time or just because there’s alot of work making the monsters or the hunters.

I don’t know it’s just my guess…the 2 new maps they announced are alredy in the game right?

I have still to buy Behemoth but i play mostly as a hunter…i want to train monster but i guess the better for that is going solo.

Wich platform do you play in?


if you play X1, the new maps are out. PS4/PC gotta wait another 2 weeks.

Behemoth is fun… to an extent. Everything about him is extremely slow to me. it takes nearly 10 minutes to get to Stage 3 :’( i can get Stage 3 Goliath & win in under 6 (barely… like 5:40)

Monsters and Hunters don’t get released because of the time they take, but Monsters take months and i was never made aware (specifically me, there are other people who are aware) of the amount of time/process that new Hunters take but… rendering, modeling, weapons, effects, jetpacks, voice actors, every line they have in the entire game… has to take some time xD